My Role as a Military Officer Essay

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¶ … Role as a Military Officer

Why do I want to be a Military Officer?

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It is my belief that as a military officer, I have the ability to live up to the ethical standards that were outline by General George Marshall is his book Armed Forces Officer. ("The Armed Forces Officer," 1988) Where, I know that as a leader I can inspire those who serve below and above me. This is because I always try to embrace the principals of flexibility, balance and a desire to achieve my objectives no matter what. In today's world, these elements are necessary as the overall mission of the military has been changing to fight a new enemy, in a different kind of war. For officers, this means that they must serve not only the role as a leader, but help ensure that the personnel under their command demonstrate the flexibility to adapt to various situations. Based upon my experience I believe that I am more than qualified to fill this role, as I can show those who are serving under my command the proper way to live more productive lives. This is significant, because an officer is similar to teacher / coach, who can show everyone around them those key distinctions that can make them better people. Over the course of time, this will not only have a positive impact on the mission, but it will also help prepare everyone for life. In my opinion, the best officers are those who not only demonstrated flexibility and balance, but they also wanted to make a positive impact upon the people they are serving with. I have the same kind of belief, as I want to be an officer to make a positive impact on: my country, community and the members of the armed forces I serve with. This is why, I believe that I am the ideal officer that military needs to adapt to challenging, yet changing missions we will face in the future.

What does society expect from me as a Military Officer?

TOPIC: Essay on My Role as a Military Officer Assignment

Society expects officers to be: to honest, disciplined, professional and willing to give their life in defense of the nation. ("The Armed Forces Officer," 1988) When you look at the first part of what society expect from military officers, integrity, it is clear that they will always show the highest standards at all times. The reason why, is because officers are given a special responsibility from: the President, in defense of the nation. This means, that this special trust given to those individuals who are protecting freedom, is something that can not be taken lightly. Where, those officers who violate this trust will reflect poorly on all officers who serve in the armed forces. As result, honesty is trait that society demands from all military officers, who are entrusted with this responsibility.

The second part of what society expects from officers, discipline, highlights how they must place the interest of the military / nation above their own. This means, understanding that your role is a vital part of ensuring that the American way of life continues. In some cases, this can mean serving duties and assignments that may seem unusually difficult or challenging. Yet, because society needs someone to fill this critical role, they expect officers that are capable of exercising discipline to undertake these difficult tasks. ("The Armed Forces Officer," 1988)

The third aspect of what society demands from their officers, professionalism, shows that the all military officers must be of high professional standards at all times. This means, that they must be trying to improve their knowledge… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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