Role Modeling in Nursing Case Study

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John has some strengths, but also some unfortunate weaknesses. First, he is very relaxed and easy to teat and work with from a nurse's perspective. This makes diagnosis and involvement with the patient much easier and simplified. He is able to help support nursing and physician staff requests. Still, he has some serious weaknesses that also threaten potential care strategies. One of his major weaknesses is his affinity for smoking and drinking. He often smokes right after he is stabilized and nurses have reported that he comes in drunk often as well. This is a clear issue that is undoubtedly affecting his health and recovery, but John does not seem to want to change his behaviors and adapt to his new way of life that requires greater attention to his health and well being. He has been to the facility 16 times in a year and a half, showing a clear inability to adapt thus far which is concerning for future health care goals.

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TOPIC: Case Study on Role Modeling in Nursing Role Assignment

John's current goal is to simply ease the immediate symptoms he is experiencing in his visits to the hospital. When he arrives, he is just looking to ease his immediate pain. It is important for the nursing staff to encourage a broader view of his health concerns to influence him to better internalize why prevention methods would help him feel better in the long run. This would help him adapt to certain treatment strategies and suggestions. Another long-term goal would be to connect John in social groups and organizations that will help him make more meaningful connections with others. Right now he is lonely, and that can be a negative factor in his health. Increasing his positive relationships through more social engagement would be a huge benefit. Nursing staff can ask to speak with his daughter, but also recommend joining social meet up groups that include members in his same age group with the same interests. This will help him find some of the social interaction he is missing and give him a stronger… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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