Role Modern Accountant Corporate Essay

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Other accounting ethics include conventional ethical principles such as Immanuel Kant's categorical imperative (Guthrie, no date) and utilitarianism, as they specifically apply to situations with national and international corporations. Additionally, accountants have an obligation to report their methods and principles used in accounting to regulatory agencies such as the SEC and others. Most of all, perhaps, they have an ethical responsibility to turn over their books to these regulatory agencies upon demand, to ensure that ethical accounting standards are fully being met.

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Accounting principles are certainly complicated by global business practices, in which it is quite frequent that international companies will have a headquarters office and several subsidiaries around the world. There are a number of cultural differences one must take into consideration when working in international settings (Nohria et al., 2009, p. 37). Although various accounting jobs are stratified into different categories, one of the things that accountants must beware of is the fact that different countries have different tax codes. Thus, an organizations assets and liabilities have the potential to vary based on where it conducts business. As such, accountants have a very important role in facilitating the most advantageous way to conduct business from a monetary standpoint. By extension, this principle also applies to various employees (such as upper level management CEO's and the like) who may have a permanent address in one country yet conduct most of their business -- and earn most of their money -- in a totally different nation. Accountants can aid them and their surrounding organization with most beneficial means of complying with tax codes in multiple countries, as well as ascertaining what potential tax cuts or exemptions a country can be eligible for.

Essay on Role Modern Accountant Corporate & Assignment

Again, even this final example merely proves that accountants for national and international corporations play a vital part in the maintenance of the operations of these organizations. In order to successfully perform the duty of an accountant in these circumstances, an individual must have a solid foundation in accounting principles as well as a demonstrated understanding (and compliance with) ethical principles that must be adhered to. Regulations have become increasingly strict since the fiscal crisis of 2008, and accountants must keep abreast with these developments. From an international perspective, accountants are responsible for being cognizant of international regulations and variations in tax codes and amounts. There is quite a responsibility that comes with this sort of job. Accountants are not the ones who can launch international corporations, but they are certainly some of the most valued operations personnel that keep them in business.


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