Essay: Role of Music in My Life

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Role of Music in My Life

Music is considered to be life for many. Music plays a crucial role in the life of several persons. Music modulates them and encourages them to be refined. Music is very crucial for humanity. With the assistance of music, people are able to forget their difficulties. Music also enables one to enjoy time and refine their intelligence. ("Music in my life.," n. d.) Music moves our hearts in most usual manner, fostering, reassuring, exhilarating, relaxing and encouraging us against the odds. It is quite impossible to think of a life without music, which would have been terribly frozen and calm. (Enotes, 2010)

Music has the strength that is so fundamental, so intensely embedded in the human soul, heart as well as mind that it would be not probable to live without. ("What role does music play in people's lives? What role should it play?," n. d.) Listening to music and playing a musical instrument functions brain's parts which is not encouraged by anything other than that. I have also came across a theorem that taking notes of music or playing a musical tool is the one action which places a brain under scanner, the entire thing shows that music encourages each portion of brain in certain manner. I cannot think of a more strengthened medium than music for development and growth in kids. (Enotes, 2010)

Music continues to be an encouragement all through my life, saying the way I felt at any particular time. Music personally depicting, is possibly one of the most crucial emotional form of support which I possess and it is further a type of my life's memoir. It appears that all of the most crucial events which happened in my life tend to have a musical linkage that once I come across it, takes me back to the event. This relates truly to all of the emotions, times wherein I was delighted, sorrowful, anxious, alone, in desolation, in happiness, uninterested, irritated and so on. ("What role does music play in people's lives? What role should it play?," n. d.) I hear and feel different types of music, the lyrics, the beats, and the manner they are being sung. Music has accorded me the liberty to open up myself to my friends and family whom I love. I can always find songs to narrate what I am responding in my head as well as in my heart. Music could assist me to cry, laugh, hide, scream, or any issue that I am facing. (Helium Entertainment, 2010)

Music is quite larger to me than being just plain, escapist enjoyment. Music has been an acquaintance, intimate, much like blood in my life to me ever since I was very young. (Helium Entertainment, 2010) The most crucial thing that music does is strike a chord in my life, irrespective of if they are thoughts or feelings or even instances and persons from my past. I actually get pleasure in listening to music that is appealing, but it is even better to listen to something that I have not heard for a long time and remember those I had acquaintances with or were part of my life at the time I last listened to a specific song, etc. (Enotes, 2010) My most valuable memories are linked to my music, if I am hearing, singing songs or playing any instrument; music always makes me remember where I was at… [END OF PREVIEW]

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