Role Played by Human Resource Term Paper

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Ingersoll-Rand's was suffering from growing pains. Human resources management stepped in to offer training to employees as new technology was being introduced. With this in mind, it is safe to say that not only did the company's rate of growth influence the strategy but also the need to have new technologies implemented in order to say competitive with rivals. For Maid Bess the issue of labor intensity and costs also played a role in making changes that would retain employees. They saw a need to focus on the employee to make their company a better place to work and therefore, remaining at a competitive advantage.

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The managerial trends seen in these case studies are varied. It seems management has its hands full with concerns of labor, costs, competition, market share and overall growth both of the company and employee. Change is a big issue as these trends in order to keep up and stay cutting edge require implementation of change. Also it appears that Human resources management plans a great role in keeping communication open between management and employees. This betters the chances of trends having a positive influence on business outcomes. It is an integral element of strategy that an organization must remain ahead of trends or at least be aware of existing trends as to take advantage of selling to that market. When it comes to trends, the name of the game is profit and how to maximize a trend or minimize its negative influence. A good example of this is People's Bank in that they saw a trend and took it as a sign of rethinking the strategy. They implemented the strategy, which resulted in a complete restructuring but it paid off in the long-run.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Role Played by Human Resource Assignment

Ingersoll-Rand used employee training of advanced technologies to allow their employees growth and confidence in their work. Part of remaining competitive and at an advantage in the market place is to allow empowerment of employees. This creates a positive working environment, one where people want to come back and enjoy what they do. This in turn, creates employees who are creative, flexible and innovative in their thought processes. This can be rewarding to the organization as it will benefit from employees who think outside of the box and believe in creative thinking. By empowering employees, this also creates an element of trust between the employees and their managers. This promotes an environment where the communication channels are open to new ideas. In the long-run, this creates a workplace where people stay and this in turn is advantageous to the employer as this reduces the cost of rehiring and training but also gives the company a positive image to the public of a good place to work.


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