Role of Spirituality and Religion in Mental Health by Deveau Term Paper

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¶ … Role of Spirituality and Religion in Mental Health. By Laura De Veau from the textbook From Critical Thinking to Argument: A Portable Guide. The author's thesis concerns her own (and others) research into religion and its affect on mental health. Ultimately, she believes, "spiritual belief in general should be valued more highly than it is currently in mental health circles" (De Veau 215). This thesis is not considered accurate by many researchers, but the author offers her own evidence to the contrary in a straightforward and honest assessment.

De Veau says she has always been interested in this subject, and thinks there is not enough emphasis on spiritual belief in many mental health studies. She writes the information in a scholarly tone, but in the first person, which makes it a bit more disarming and personal to the reader. She also asserts her own beliefs along with citations and research, which is unusual in most scholarly texts. The author is very thorough, and includes her research as evidence for her conclusions.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Role of Spirituality and Religion in Mental Health by Deveau Assignment

Ultimately, her purpose is to find conclusive evidence that spirituality has a positive affect on mental health. She writes in a style that can be understood by most readers, and it is certainly informative. However, it seems that her own personal bias may have affected her conclusion, which is that there are benefits to mental health from spirituality and religious belief. She cites facts, but the only credible study she cites is from a religious journal, which seems to be a biased source. Would it really find that spirituality does not help mental health or coping mechanisms? I do not think that spirituality can hurt a person's mental health in many cases, but some people take these belief systems too far, and I believe that can be very detrimental to mental health. I found myself more in tune with her description of holistic or natural approaches and their attitudes. She notes that it is often when we are young that we turn away from religion. She returned, but she may not represent the majority of people in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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