Role Theory Framework for Implementing the Nurse Educator Term Paper

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Nurse Educator: Interview and Reflection

Interviewing my site supervisor was one of the most rewarding and illuminating experiences of my career. Creating the list of questions allowed me to reflect on the truly multi-faceted role of the nurse educator and engaging in the interview allowed me to enjoy some of the most thoughtful answers I had ever heard.

How has the process of becoming and the daily life of being a nurse educator more or less demanding than what you expected?

Both the journey to becoming a nurse educator and the day-to-day life of being one is incredibly demanding. As a student in the arena of nursing education, you're constantly being challenged to figure out and better understanding strategies to make education and knowledge more lucid to yourself so you can make it more lucid to your students. As an actual nurse educator, my job is demanding in that I'm always trying to make information more accessible and more attainable for my students.

In what ways have you experienced role stress/strain? How do you handle it?

Teaching is stressful by definition; you're responsible in part for the understanding and proper dissemination of large chunks of information by large groups of people. You constantly have to anticipate the unique needs of your students and try to meet them. Every class is different.

I deal with stress in the same way people from other professions do: I listen to music, I do yoga, I meditate.

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How have you fulfilled the expected roles of teacher, scholar, change agent, leader, clinician, and service provider?

Term Paper on Role Theory Framework for Implementing the Nurse Educator Role Assignment

I feel that life is a journey and I'm constantly working to fulfill those different roles and continually wearing different hats. Thus, I feel that I have fulfilled those different roles and yet continue to work hard to fulfill them. The work I do in the classroom fulfills my role as teacher. The work I do to prepare for my work in the classroom fulfills my role as a scholar. The different manners in which I adapt my teaching style to more profoundly impact my students allows me to function as a change agent. I feel my work with my students and the way I try to lead by example gives me the power to work as a leader. My patients can still attest to my skills and strengths as a service provider both to them in the community and to them individually.

How did you make the transition from simply being a nurse and a giver of information as all nurses are, to someone who facilitates the learning process (Bastable, 2008)?

The transition was truly made in my training. The unique and specific training that I received as a nurse educator really showed me the different learning style my students all might possess and the different ways that I could best meet their needs. My training really gave me confidence as a nurse educator to know that I could adapt my teaching methods in a moment to promote better understanding and showed me the most effective ways of doing that.

Do you think all nurses could become nurse educators?

I think all nurses who want to become nurse educators can. However, naturally, not all nurses have that desire, so they don't. Becoming a nurse educator is so nuanced and rigorous, I think only those who truly want to achieve this can complete the role effectively.

How do you bring yourself to the classroom as a teacher?

I try to allow my personality to take over as much as possible. I like to keep things structured and organized, but in an informal and chatty manner so that students feel comfortable to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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