Role of a Training Manager Research Proposal

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¶ … Role of a Training Manager in a Manufacturing Environment

The roles of training managers in mature manufacturing environments.

What is the theoretical foundation for your work?

Many mature manufacturing organizations employ training managers in their human resources departments. There is confusion, however, as to what roles these managers play within the organization. There is need, therefore, to examine how these roles differ across firms, and how they are similar. Studies have shown that there can be significant discrepancies in the ways that different organizations view the training function and the role of the training manager (Saari et al., 2006). This research cuts across a number of training subjects. For example, Kontoghiorges (2001) notes that some training managers play a critical role in the implementation of new technology, something that even mature companies are faced with. There have also been correlations noted between the empowerment of employees, which occurs through higher levels of training and through organizational design, and enhanced performance (Patterson, West & Wall, 2004)

4. What is your research question (or questions)?

How do mature manufacturing companies define the role of the training manager? What contribution do they see training managers making? Is training considered to be a strategic function in these organizations?

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5. What research methods do you propose to answer your research question?

Research Proposal on Role of a Training Manager in a Assignment

A check of the literature confirms that there are few prior studies on this subject. Therefore, I will be making a new contribution, and to do that will require the use of a survey. I will need to contact some of these manufacturing companies, have them fill out a survey -- in particular the training manager -- and this will… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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