Role of Women Change From the 18th to 18th Centuries Essay

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Women Change in 18th & 19th Centuries

Women of the 18th to 19th Century

The numerous and significant contributions of women in the political, educational, and artistic spheres are undeniable. But how do these contributions come about? What were the particular socio-historical circumstances that paved way for such contributions? It is in this light that this article aims to understand women, specifically those from the eighteenth to nineteenth century. Why this particular centuries you might ask. I believe that this period of women's history is rich, dynamic, and pivotal to our social construction of the contemporary woman.

th-19th century: some historical specificities

During the 18th century, the lives of women were confined to the domestic realm -- i.e. fulfilling domestic responsibilities. Although most white women were capable of reading and writing, a lot of them were discouraged from furthering their education as they were socio-culturally headed to the path of becoming mothers and wives. They had no involvement in politics, state affairs, or any domain which men did not feel that they should be involved in. Although some women were able to contribute in politics (given that their husbands allowed them to do so), these contributions were expectedly not in the forefront (Myers et al., n.d.).

The 18th century society's strong hold on women is reflected on its laws. Women, upon marriage, were not allowed to own a property nor hold a business. Divorce was highly discouraged and heavily frowned upon. If a woman was to get divorced, she is not entitled to any property accumulated during marriage (ibid).

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At the turn of the 19th century, women's roles have become more dynamic. The industrialization of the then-rural society of America gave rise to more establishments and consequently more jobs. These out-of-home jobs became an additional option for women. Moreover, during this time, education became mandatory for both men and women which allowed for women's penetration in the higher education sector (Conner Prairie, 2009).

Women and their significant contributions: politics, arts, and philosophy

Essay on Role of Women Change From the 18th to 18th Centuries Assignment

The state of women's education during the 19th century is critical to our understanding of their contributions in the society. The furthering of women's education paved way for women's high involvement in the political sphere. The suffrage and temperance movement signaled women's clamor for voting rights and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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