Roles Do Genes Play Essay

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Multifactorial inheritance means that several, rather than simply one gene causes a particular trait to be expressed (such as height or intelligence). "As the number of multifactorial genes for the trait increases, the liability for the disease increases. When it reaches a threshold, the liability is so great that abnormality, what we call disease, results" (Multifactorial inheritance, 2012, Human Genetics).

There appears to be a different 'threshold of expression' for such multifactorial problems, including cleft palates, neural tube defects, or hip dysplasia. For example, "one of the environmental influences thought to contribute to hip dysplasia is the baby's response to the mothers' hormones during pregnancy. Once a child has been born with hip dysplasia, the chance for it to happen again in a male or female child is about 6% overall. In other words, there is a 94% chance that another child would not be born with hip dysplasia" (Multifactorial inheritance, 2012, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin). Studying twins with the same genetic composition helps researchers to better isolate which environmental factors predispose the expression of the genes.


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