Ropivacaine in Epidural Pregnancies Research Proposal

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[. . .] Recent studies in labor analgesia has been done more at sea level rather than at higher altitudes, and the neonatal results seemed to improve for patients in higher altitudes that used ropivacaine over bupivacaine because there are less cardio toxic concerns with this anesthetic compared to bupivacaine (Litwin 259-261).

In addition, ropivacaine has been proven to be safe for mothers and their newborns especially after mother and baby are sent home, and are very unlikely the anesthetic would be carried over to the baby. There are more concerns for newborn babies that could take in secretions of other anesthesia medicine in the breast milk rather than in ropivacaine. What small percentage that was found in breast milk was statistically found to be lower in ropivacaine than bupivacaine and lidocaine in concentrations of milk taken within a 24-hour period. Currently, one of the only questionable reactions to ropivacaine according to the professionals of The Annals of Pharmacotherapy is the connection between persistent hiccups in epidural ropivacaine in newborn babies (Bagdure).

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