Routers as Security Mechanisms Term Paper

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Router Security

Understanding Network Security

In this day and age, sending confidential data over the Internet is becoming more commonplace. Some people and organizations, e.g. commercial banks, are completely dependent on electronic transmission of confidential data. Hackers mostly target networks as their primary point of infiltration, whether it is internal or external from a private network. Attacks have evolved over the years. There are two main reasons why security is an important item for every company. They are, personal protection of information and social responsibility. In regards to the personal protection, if you store any data that you would not like to be publically broadcasted to the world it is in your responsibility to provide a level of security to protect that information. As for your social responsibility goes, nowadays being part of multiple network (though one you can choose to not fulfill) is to protect those groups well being. A good reason for an intruder to gain access to an end unit is to use it as a launching platform to attack other machines. It is very common for network intruders to take control of sever machines like this and route their traffic through them in order to make a trace back more difficult. In securing a company, a strong background in network security is essential to ensure business effectiveness and confidentiality (Bradley, 2010).

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Most average users believe that their data is only valuable to them. There are three issues with this way of thinking. First, attackers often take control of your PC itself, so they can employ a compromised PC to host malware or distribute spam. Second, an attacker may be able to use seemingly trivial information such as your name, address, and birth date to steal your identity. Third, most attacks are automated and seek out and compromise vulnerable systems.

Term Paper on Routers as Security Mechanisms Assignment

Basic attacks that have progressed over the years. Ranging from, code replication and password guessing in the 80's, password cracking and war dialing and Viruses; including Love Bug, Nimba, and Code Red in the 90's, and also Trojan horses such as Back Orifice, and Worms; including Blaster, MyDoom, and Slammer. This has grown to include inside abuse of the network access, viruses, device theft, phishing, Instant-message misuse, denial of service, unauthorized access to information, Bots, theft of employee or customer data, abuse of a wireless network, system penetration, financial fraud, password sniffing, key logging, website defacement, misuse of a public web application, theft of proprietary information, exploiting an organization's DNS server, Telecom fraud, and the last one in is sabotage.

In recent years, there have been attacks against IP, IP spoofing, and IP session hijacking. Attacks against IP can happen in many different ways. Normally this is done by exploiting the fact that IP does not perform a high standard for authentication. IP spoofing is where a host claims to have another IP address. Because many systems like ACLs define who can and cannot get through, this attack becomes very handy. Also another attack that users can implement is IP session hijacking. This is a sophisticated attack. It is an attack where a user's session is taken over by the attacker.

Network security continues to face a variety of threats. Still however, these threats grow every single day. The first and probably the nastiest, was the DoS, denial-of-service. These attacks can be pretty easy to execute, at the same time being very difficult to track, and it isn't easy to deny requests from an attacker and not a legitimate user. Unauthorized access is a term that refers to a number of different sorts of attacks. The purpose behind these types of attacks is to access some resource that your machine should not typically provide. Executing commands illicitly is another type of attack. This is done in two classifications: normal user access or administrator access. Another type of attack is confidentiality breeches. There is certain information that can be hurtful by falling into the wrong hands. Destructive Behavior is another type; there are two major categories that define these types of attacks, being Data diddling and data destruction. Data diddling is when someone decides to change data in spreadsheets, projections, plans. They can change pretty much anything they like, and it might not be noticed… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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