Rugby Relief s Business Plan Business Plan

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These organizations have relatively minimal number of young volunteers because the majority volunteers are older and retired individuals. These organizations target and enlist volunteers depending on their specific goals and objectives as well as their target population and area of operations. A significant portion of the existing church-based organizations carry out activities that are geared towards enhancing community development and helping the needy.

Pros and Cons of Rugby Player Workforce

The advantages of having a rugby player workforce for a volunteer organization include endurance, teamwork, a wide range of skills, creative problem solving, sociable, community culture, rugged, kindness, and existing network. On the contrary, the disadvantages of having such a workforce include rugby season conflicts, cultural sensitivity, carelessness and overzealous, short attention spans, drinking/partying, and individuals lack resources and free time to dedicate to volunteering and relief programs/initiatives.

Organization and Management

Roles and Responsibilities

Board of Directors -- Will be responsible for providing leadership and guiding Rugby Relief's strategic direction.

Executive Director -- Provide leadership on the day-to-day running of the organization.

Director of Operations -- Will ensure that organizational activities are carried out in a manner that is consistent with the overall objectives and strategic direction.

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Marketing Director -- Will be responsible for providing directions and implementation of all marketing and advertising activities of the organization.

Human Resources Director -- Handles organizational policies and practices relating to hiring, recruiting and retaining staff and volunteers.

Regional Director -- Will provide strategic direction and oversee the operations of Rugby Relief in a specific region.

State Organizer -- Will coordinate all branches of Rugby Relief in a state or country.

Business Plan on Rugby Relief s Business Plan Assignment

Regional Marketing and Human Resources -- This department will oversee marketing and human resource practices of Rugby Relief in a specific region.

Regional Finance and Fundraising -- Will handle all resource mobilization activities of Rugby Relief in a specific region.

Consultants -- Will provide guidance on leadership, strategic direction and other aspects of the organization's operations.

Organizational Expansion

Year 1 -- Establish the first Rugby Relief office and ensure its effective operations towards the achievement of specified goals and objectives.

Year 3 -- Open different offices across different cities within a state.

Year 5 -- Open offices in different states across the country.

Year 10 -- Open different regional offices and ensure effective operations in at least 5 regions throughout the world.

Services and Products


Rugby Relief will provide different services and incorporate others as it grows and achieves its expansion goals and initiatives. In the first year of operations, the organization will provide mucking & gutting, debris removal, hosting, volunteer transportation, donation transport, local rugby support, food, and volunteer training services. By the third year of operations, Rugby Relief will create partnerships with rebuilding organizations to provide labor, disaster specific crews, and equipment & training services. By the fifth year of operations, the organization will lead rebuilding efforts, international service tours, and customized Rugby Relief training. Within a decade of existence, Rugby Relief will establish an international service exchange program with partners and other organizations.


Some of the products that will be provided by this organization include t-shirts, swag, patches, kit bags, and rugby balls.

Marketing Strategy

Strategic Partnerships

Rugby Relief will target some companies, organizations, and individuals for strategic partnerships to help achieve its goals. Some of these target companies and organizations and individuals include USA Rugby, Atavus, airlines, rugby unions, Team Rubicon, Tool Companies, state and local governments, VOADs, FEMA, transportation companies, Dallen Stanford, Todd Clever, Americorps, Yeti, WFM, and famous rugby people.


Rugby Relief will conduct several outreach programs like rugby tournaments, community events, member discounts and benefits, and professional games. These programs will be carried out in colleges while the organization also utilizes Eagles, newsletters, and high quality video promotions on social media.

Marketing Resources

Some of the marketing resources that will be utilized include event booths and banners, hand-written letters, pamphlets, business cards, social media pages, and professional commercial/recruiting videos. A scholarship program will also be incorporated.

Fundraising Events

The major fundraising events to be conducted by Rugby Relief include charity auctions, professional and international games, tournaments, and dinners/galas.


For funding, Rugby Relief will target angel donors, online fundraising, grants,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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