Term Paper: Russia-u.S. the Two Cities

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[. . .] Culture is predominantly Russian, but with some Asian outlook due to the city's situation north of China. Lake Baikal plays an important role in the culture of Irkutsk. The lake is over a mile deep and holds over 20% of the world's fresh water. It holds a lot of power, and is a center of shamanistic culture to which some Buryats adhere. The lake is an important reference point for the people of Irkutsk. It also provides them with their most revered food, omul.

Tampa's culture is a mix of mainstream American culture, with Cuban influences, a strong African-American community. There are a number of cultural artifacts in Tampa, including performing arts and in nearby St. Petersburg the Dali Museum. Tampa also contributes to more mainstream American culture as a center of the American heavy metal scene. Tampa's culinary culture highlights Cuban influences, and the city is proud of its Cuban sandwiches in particular, many locals claiming that they are better in Tampa than in either Miami or Havana.

The reason for choosing this pairing of cities is simple. I have been to Tampa and have an interest in Siberia. My experience in Tampa allowed me to understand a little bit of the local culture. The causeways and extensive water of the region seem to characterize life in the Tampa area to a significant degree. The city's position as a relatively minor city and regional center has not stopped it from developing all of the cultural elements of a major city, so Tampa feels like a small city that is very civilized, because it has an interesting and complex culture despite being provincial in nature.

The research on Irkutsk provided me with some insights. I think in terms of climate these two cities could not be more different, but there are some similarities elsewhere. Irkutsk is a provincial city like Tampa is, but has a relatively well-developed cultural scene for its size, again just like Tampa. That both cities started as forts in inclement areas and now have strong ties to air defense are two interesting similarities. It would be interesting to see what other similarities might exist -- both cities seem educated and relaxed, and both would be interesting places to visit. I can just imagine the Russians relaxing by the river like people in Tampa do by the bay.

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