Safe After 911? Life Term Paper

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[. . .] The government tells us that they are patrolling the borders and that our Intelligence agencies are watching for terrorist's plots.

It is not really the many things that terrorists could possibly do to our country that is so frightening. It is the fact that it is not just a possibility that it could happen. It did happen and shocked us all. It was unbelievable that any one would attack our country like they did, killing unsuspecting innocent people for their cause.

The fact that the terrorists did what they did and continue to commit terrorist's acts for a cause they believe will get them to heaven is extremely frightening. Their cause is one that not only allows them to die; it encourages them to do it in the name of Allah. It is difficult to fight a group willing to die for the cause and who has a hatred for our country. Fear of dying or imprisonment usually will deter dangerous crimes, not for this group of terrorists. So, not only do we know they want to harm us, we know that they will. It seems that the only deterrent is the lack of success on their part. They want to kill us and harm our country so much; their caution is only due to the fact that they do not want to fail in their attempts.

I think if you took a survey of people of all ages, sexes, income and education, the result would be the same for the answers. Many people in this country are afraid of what the terrorists will do to us next. They will tell you that the safety they felt in their own homes has been reduced and the safety they feel in other countries may never be the same as before 9/11. They would probably say that flying doesn't hold the same appeal as it did before and that unconsciously or subconsciously they are looking at the other passengers to see if they could possibly be terrorists. The safe feeling that we didn't ever think about is gone and we feel… [END OF PREVIEW]

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