Safety International Disaster Management Organizations Research Paper

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These organizations have been blind to gender issues in disaster management; this makes it difficult to determine the needs of the differentiated impact on men and women.

Different ethnic groups have different cultures that sometimes require the disaster management teams are conversant with the cultures; these cultures can include beliefs or language, which helps in communication. Organizations treat disasters differently hence inequitable distribution of resources. This is because different disasters attract donor attention according to the effects of a disaster. Survivors are left in the good will of others to survive this cause, discrimination, residential segregation, social inequalities and racial-based stereo types. Due to societal structures, the aftermath of disasters always, leave people with psychological effects, which the organizations have not adequately dealt with. Disasters can be mitigated but it has often become difficult to remove vulnerable people from disaster prone environments.

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Variant policies have been developed and established to mitigate disaster effects. Some of the international policies include (UNISDR) for 1999, United Nations international strategy for disaster reduction; this policy ensures that countries implement strategies that aid in disaster reduction. It includes building hospitals and constructions resilient to disasters to strengthen response. UNDRO and IDNDR are policies, which were put in place in the 1990's. These policies ensure that there is reduction in poverty levels, loss of lives and economic disruptions. United Nations UNDP has programs which prevent crisis and help in development. It operates in over one hundred countries and works towards recovery after disasters.


Research Paper on Safety International Disaster Management Organizations Assignment

Policy implementation will lead to designing of strategies and practices that will minimize vulnerabilities. These practices will reduce physical hazards and enhance economic and social capacity to adopt. There are different disaster training articles and sources; they are not compatible with disasters faced by different countries. Countries have different types of disasters hence need unique training sources.


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