Safety Towards Telecommunications and Technology Research Paper

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The other DSS include knowledge driven, document driven and model driven. Model driven use the available types of models in manipulation of data. Knowledge driven DSS is a system that uses expertise to solve problems. Document driven uses analysis, summary and retrieving of data; it provides as a summary of the documents relevance hence used to make decisions for continuing functionality (Khosrowpour, 2005).

Without electronic communication, there will be reduced speed in communication, no ease at work and reduced work output. Technology helps in managing the most complicated tasks in an organization, organization's profitability, and survival depends on IT. Absence or inappropriateness in the IT sector can lead to the collapse of an organization.

Online back up

When a disaster occurs in an organization, communication and technology can sometimes help to mitigate the effects. It also leads to the attainment of certainty which may result in attaining desired goal preventing disasters. It helps organizations to respond to changing circumstances adequately, hence prevent a disaster from affecting the business much. Configurations and security setting should be reviewed first. All employees should be informed on the security incidents, when they occur and how they should be reexamined. There should be redundancy planning to approach redundant IT infrastructure. For a reliable system, back up online systems can also be used when a disaster occurs to prevent paralyzing a business that depends on one system.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Research Paper on Safety Towards Telecommunications and Technology Assignment

An audit is done first before development of an online system. When implementation is carried out, the system should be easy to follow. Procedures, training and a support system on how the system will function should be well communicated (Vacca 2009). This process requires commitment across all levels. When designing the system the best animations, sound and images should be used to communicate the business idea. The most efficient and effective way of communication should be used while including the most relevant information. The system should be secured with log on security or other types of security to prevent hackers. Built in quality in the system will ensure that their image is well communicated to all audiences. It will also ensure consistency in handling information across all product lines, projects and companies.


Recommendation Risk and vulnerable areas in an organization should be identified. Risk assessments should be done, and then they should be constantly updated. There should be a priority on the risk areas that should be dealt with first. Observing changes in Operating environments and organizational information system will help to monitor results which keep the organization aware of the risks. It helps the leaders in performing near real time risk management. Organizations should use past disasters to provide solutions; they should also try using other unique disaster management strategies. Diverse methods can be tried to deal with a disaster or emergency problem. Corrective, preventive, and detective control measures should be adopted to prevent disasters. Preventive-prevents a disaster from occurring, detective- detects something occurring that is not meant to occur and corrective- address existing nonconformities as they make improvements.


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