Safety in the Workplace and How to Deal With Law and Management Research Proposal

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Safety in the Workplace and How to Deal With Law and Management

The overall management and litigation structures in offices all over the world regarding the security and safety of the employees are evolving still. Especially in the past 5-6 years with the September 11 attacks brewing and subsequent attacks in Europe, the overall litigation and management in the workplace have grown more complicated and more comprehensive. However, in this paper we will deal with the aspects that impact the daily life of employees in the workplace as well as their personal lives and patterns of behavior. The paper will be focusing on the management techniques that the manager needs to master in order to deal with the overall negativity of the employees as well as the strategies they need to employ when dealing with an employee's personal tragedy or a tragedy at the national level.

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The important thing to note about safety and behavioral management or litigation in the workplace is that it is usually designed as a top-down structure. This, in theory, seems all-encompassing, however in practice this usually leaves the lower level employees with little to no monitoring and management of behavior and they become more inclined to engage in unsafe activities. The design for the litigation here needs to change into a bottom-up approach so that employees at all levels can be actively involved in the processes of security and safety in the workplace. This will ensure that the overall process of security in the workplace does go down the drain, because it is highly likely that the security of a workplace could be very vulnerable if all levels of workers are not involved constantly and consistently (Watson, 2008).

Research Proposal on Safety in the Workplace and How to Deal With Law and Management Assignment

On the other hand, a properly structured and managed bottom-up approach to security management litigation can result in instilling amongst the employees a sense of contributing to the overall security of the workplace along with the decreased percentage of unsafe or security-threatening incidents in the workplace, security of the workplace property and assets, clearer and increased detection of security loopholes and their correction (Watson, 2008).

One of the biggest challenges for managers nowadays is managing the negativity of employees towards their work space or conditions. This was very common after the September 11 and subsequent attacks when many U.S. And European employees felt dissatisfied and negative towards their overall work environment because they felt unsafe. The litigation for such circumstances included a much more thorough and strict check-in and check-out procedure in all offices, however, this still didn't satisfy many employees, in fact it left them more agitated and irritated by the unnecessary checking. Hence, this negativity has to be handled more conventionally and at amore personal level by the managers (Heathfeld, 2009a). Below are some tips that can be used as part of the litigation management of the security in the workplace:

Tip 1: listen to your employees:

This could entail hiring a professional or having weekly and monthly meetings where the employees either privately or in a group vented their concerns and feelings. It is important to note here that sometimes people act negatively because they have no channel to really express their thoughts about their workplace or personal lives. If the workplace management provides a platform for expression, the overall negativity can significantly decrease (Heathfeld, 2009a).

Of course when listening to the employees, attention has to be paid to what exactly they are talking about and if there is any confusion, then clarification must be required from them in order to clearly and properly evaluate and tackle their problems. The litigation of this is important so that employees know that this entire platform is the real deal and that it is a means to a better end. Ethical concerns and privacy concerns also need to be properly tackled here so that the employees have no reservations about the thoughts that they reveal and are sure that what they say during these sessions are going to remain private and secure either with eth professional or the manager.

Tip 2: advice:

The entire aspect of advice must be handled very carefully so that the individual does not feel pushed or additional stress to act. However, counseling and therapy sessions cannot be tackled appropriately by a manager which is why the use of therapist or professional becomes very important as some issues might be bigger then just workplace security (Heathfeld, 2009a).

Tip 3: build a strong human resources structure within the workplace

A human resource management team is an essential part of any workplace to ensure that the overall communication and association amongst employees stays positive, lucid and progressive. If all else fails, talk to your own supervisor or human resources staff about the challenges you are experiencing in dealing with the negative person. The overall impact that a strong human resource management team can have on the litigation processes of security management structure are multi-fold: enhancement in overall individual and group performance; decrease in the overall negative attitudes in the workplace; separation of personal negativity with workplace negativity; improvement in the overall culture and environment of the workplace; higher levels of job satisfaction amongst employees; and development of professional and experienced work ethic an principles across all levels of employees (Heathfeld, 2009a).

Tragedy: Management Tips

We will talk more specifically about the impact that personal or national tragedies can have on the overall security and behavioral management in the workplace. Mental and behavioral health is very important for any manager to provide for their employees. This can be done through either the sustenance of a friendly work environment or the provision of support systems in eth workplace inclusive and exclusive of the HR team and their responsibilities. It is important that the personal tragedies are not overlooked by the manager at the workplace because they can impact the overall performance quality tremendously if they are to addressed and tackled appropriately. Even though, most people have strong support structure that helps them to deal with personal tragedies but the overall attitude of their colleagues can also trigger severe emotions that can impact their overall attitude and performance (Heathfeld, 2009b). Usually the litigation allows the employees to have a certain number of days off after a tragedy and some manger even go eth extra mile to ensure that the employees recover by financing holiday trips or giving them extra days off. There are many other ways that managers can control the overall extent of a personal or national tragedy on the performance quality of their employees. These are all part of the litigation management techniques used to manage tragedies:

Tip 1: ensure security

This is a very important aspect. Employees need security of either their jobs if they are taking a leave and having a mental relief that they will still have their work to come back to. Also, if an incident in the workplace is causing a sense of insecurity amongst the workers, it is the management's job to make sure that their employees are re-assured and satisfied with the security measures that the management aims to adopt. The disaster plans being implemented must be designed to put employees first, the overall emergency processes must be clearly articulated to the employees so that they are well-aware of the structure of their activities during a fire for instance, regular meetings should be held to identify inappropriate and unsafe instances within the workplace and strategies must be implemented after the incorporation of the employees' opinions in order to make them feel like they are part of the management process, also follow-up on all circumstances and impacts of disaster plans must be made so that the employees feel valued and an indispensable part of the company.

Tip 2: keep employees informed at all times

This particular aspect of management of litigation of security in the workplace is very important. Informing and transporting all relevant facts and data to the employees about the overall security plans and their rights to demand security in different circumstances is an integral part of every security litigation process. The employees need to know what is considered to be a threat to their personal security as well as the security of the workplace so that the inappropriate activities can be brought to the attention of the management authorities and subsequently controlled before these activities grow and cause long-term and heavy damage on the company. Furthermore, appropriate information helps the employees route out the incidents mentally and then be prepared for them, mentally at least, whenever they occur (Heathfeld, 2009b).

Tip 3: include the management of grief or tragedy a part of the office training programs

All of the training programs in the workplace cater to different management needs of the employees. It has now become even more important, with the unstable condition of the global affairs that these training programs include the training techniques for management of tragedies or grief, whether personal or national. This will perhaps be the most important step as it will allow… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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