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Sailing Destinations

Vounaki, Greece

Vounaki is located on the west coast of Greece, at the foot of the Arkanika Mountains. The Vounaki marina is said to be a relaxed, beautiful and restful small port venue, made even more dramatic because the Arkanika Mountains are a visually stimulating backdrop to the marina.

It is worth noting that Vounaki is not much more than a bay and a marina. But very close to the bay at Vounaki there is interesting history and architecture available. The ancient city of Kekropoula (near Paleros, a short, 15 minute walk from Vounaki) is where King Kekhropa ruled thousands of years ago. For those who love history, the walls of the city of Paleros were constructed in the second millennium B.C.; and it is said that Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, passed with her ships in the shallow channel of Paleros; that passage in Paleros is marked, "Dock of Cleopatra."

The bay is sheltered and the Club Vounaki in the marina is classy with numerous activities, including of course boating and sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, tennis, basketball, mountain biking and aerobics, along with exercise availability and a world-class spa. There are excellent facilities in the marina at Vounaki, with great restaurants and it's just a short trip (a walk takes about 15 minutes) to the community of Paleros.

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Approaching Vounaki Marina from the sea, sailboats come in from the west and it's smart to call ahead for a birth (there are 60 berths, depths from 2 to 6 meters). The harbor is fairly shallow but it provides good shelter from strong westerly winds thanks to the breakwater. Fuel is available and each berth offers water and electricity. The VHF is channel 10 and the FAX number for the dockmaster is 2643041944.

Engineering and mechanical repairs are available and there is a 15-ton crane to lift boats out of the water for repair.


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Athens is the capitol of Greece, has a population of about 655,780, is about 3,400 years old and was named (according to Greek mythology) based on a competition that Athena (the Greek Goddess) with the God of the Sea, Poseidon. Which one would protect the city? When Athena offered an olive tree, the people of Athens shoes her and hence the name of the city was established.

World renowned for its history, Athens is home to the Acropolis, to the world famous Parthenon (which is considered a landmark to the foundation of Western civilization) to the Choregic Monument of Lysikrates (a 4th century monument), and to the Arcopagus, which is a bald hill of marble directly across from the Acropolis. In the nearby wooded hills tourists can visit the "Hill of the Muses" (Filopappos), and near to that hill is Pnyx Hill, where the democratic assembly in ancient Greece had their political discussions.

Athens has wonderful beaches but Athens has no port. The nearest port is the Port of Piraeus, which is the largest seaport in Greece and the busiest cargo port in Greece. It is known more for its commercial value than for a place for private vessels to dock. But the Mikrolimano Harbor and Zea Marina are quite nice and indeed adequate as a seafront venue, it has a promenade from which freshly docked sailing visitors can view the ancient city walls on their way to bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

The Zea Marina has 670 berths (maximum berth size, 80 meters). The maximum draught is 9 meters deep. The Zea Marina offers repairs, fuel, and it is open 24 hours a day. Before boats enter the harbor, it is mandatory they call the marina, VHF Channel 9, and from there they will receive instructions on where and how to dock.


This little coastal town is said by some travelers to be the end of the line. There are stories that suggest the ghosts of ancient monks haunt the town, as many monks apparently starved to death during World War II; the island's food supply had been pinched severely because of the disruption of the war. Dolphins are often seen splashing in the sea between Milina and Monk's Island. Of the several villages along the coast, including Taverna Panorama, Milian is the busier in terms of visits from tourists.

There are great pebble beaches and the water is pristine; there are walks along ancient historic cobblestone paths to mountain villages like Promiri or Lefkos, where the Old Radio Museum is a great place for those curious about history and radio. It is open daily from mid-May to mid-September, and just 5 kilometers east of Milina.

Milina Holidays is a good company to handle boat rentals at Milina, bike rentals, and day cruises to Palio Trikeri. A sailing vacation around Milina is comfortable and easy due to the protected waters of the Gulf of Volos; typically winds are 10 to 20 knots. There is plenty of wind for sailing, and experienced sailing vessels can venture out into the seas that surround the Sporades Islands, where there is even more wind.

There are 11 islands in the Gulf of Volos but before launching a bareboat yacht charter Green law requires the skipper be 18 or older and carry an ID card. In the harbor at Milina feels for mooring range from $8 to $24 each night, but in the Marina, it can be from $41 to $73 per night. That said, mooring temporarily at a private jetty is free -- providing you eat at the taverna that owns the jetty.


This Greek coastal town was named Levkas because its steep cliffs are very white, and in Greek leukos means white. As beautiful as this town is, and as gifted it is in terms of the natural world (herons and pelicans are abundant and the rugged mountains are dramatic) it is best known for its wide beaches and great sailing opportunities. There are relatively calm waters and small islands to be explored for those in small sailboats.

Visitors love the Bosketo Park, which has great historic value in that busts of great writers from Levkas are in view (Valaoritis, Sikelianos and Lafcadio Hearn). The shopping street is pedestrian-only and passes by Levkas' Italianate churches that were constructed in the 18th century. History buffs will love the four small museums; there are 19th century embroideries and weavings, and the Archaeology Museum features discoveries from caves in the cliffs outside of town. Visiting musicians don't want to miss the annual clarinet festival in early August.

The Levkas Marine Center provides marine services provides water and 220V electricity, along with fuel, light engineering services (minor electrical repairs) and there are services for repairing sails. Yachts can be wintered at the Levkas Marine Center. The Levkas Marina is just south of town, and the VHF access is channel 69 (open 24/7); for those needing to add fuel, it is channel 09. There are 630 berths and the Maximum LOA is 40 meters while the depths are between 2.5 and 4 meters.

Northwesterly winds can create bothersome chop in some of the berths, and other berths may be negatively affected by chop from southerly winds. For berthed boats, the Levkas Marina offers water and electricity, both 220 and 380 volts, they offer WiFi, laundry services and showers. There are workshops available for sailing visitors to work on their own boats as well. The email address for the management at the Levkas Marina is k.- -- .

Dorian, Turkey

In looking for Dorian, Turkey, a search turns up hundreds of links to the Dorian Hotel (in Oludeniz, Turkey), a Turkish rock band called Dorian, and the Dorian Flotilla Sailing Vacation promotion. Moreover, there are narratives in Google Books about the Dorians in ancient history, a culture that invaded Greece.

But no Dorian, Turkey, with a harbor or a port, or city information is available, at least this search turned up nothing under that name and venue.

Sweden Sailing

The best sailing season in Sweden in between July and September. The extra sunshine in the middle of summer makes it a terrific time to get out on the water and lose all the cares and stresses of the modern world. In fact, it is only dark for 3 hours in high summer, so the west coast, the north coast, the south and east coasts are wide open for the seasoned sailor.

For the very adventurous person, sailing the waters of the Gulf of Bothnia (that is in the Swedish Lapland) means having access to some of the extraordinary wonderful geology of the High Coast in northern Sweden. Dock the boat and walk onto land and there are some wonderfully strange and unique geologic shapes and figures in the High Coast. There are also unique islands to visit in the Stockholm archipelago; meanwhile the islands are called Finnhamn, Grinda, Uto and Sandhamn where, once the sailboat is safely docked, restaurants and bars and natural world activities are available.

Gothenburg and the West Coast of Sweden

The city of Gothenburg is considered the gateway to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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