Salem Witch Trials. The Writer Examines Term Paper

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¶ … Salem Witch Trials. The writer examines the cause and argues that it was hysteria that allowed it to happen.

The events of the Salem Witch Trials were so tragic and shocking that to this day people will use the phrase "with hunt" to describe something that is being driven by a force other than sound reasoning and good sense. It is important to understand the meaning and causes of the Salem With Trials and the hysteria that was at the base of the issue so that society can be sure it never happens again.


It was 1692 in Salem Village when the otherwise peaceful residents suddenly succumbed to mass hysteria and as a result of that hysteria 19 men and women were declared witches and hung from gallows nearby.

It was a quick moving hysteria that caused dozens to sit in jail without a trial wondering what would become of them. It caused one-80-year-old man who refused to go to trial over the accusation that he was a witch to be pressed to death under large heavy stones by the townspeople and then almost as quickly as the hysteria began it was over and it never happened again (An Account of Events in Salem (

To understand how and why it happened can help modern society avoid something similar happening with regard to terrorist accusations, or other finger pointing at people based in fear not fact.

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Why did this travesty of justice occur? Why did it occur in Salem? Nothing about this tragedy was inevitable. Only an unfortunate combination of an ongoing frontier war, economic conditions, congregational strife, teenage boredom, and personal jealousies can account for the spiraling accusations, trials, and executions that occurred in the spring and summer of 1692(An Account of Events in Salem ("

Term Paper on Salem Witch Trials. The Writer Examines the Assignment

Samuel Parris was invited to become the preacher in Salem. Until then he had been a planter and a merchant. He moved to Salem with his wife, daughter, niece and Indian slave to accept the position.

In 1692 his daughter became very ill, she ran around screaming in pain, she threw herself under the furniture and she complained about having a fever.

Today it is believed that she may have suffered from asthma, epilepsy, psychosis or some other medical disorder but at that time medical science in its relative infancy and they had no idea what was causing her bizarre behavior.

The doctor in town had just finished reading a book about witchcraft, and when several of the little girl's friends began the same symptoms he diagnosed witchery as the illness.

A neighbor, Mary Sibley, proposed a form of counter magic. She told Tituba to bake a rye cake with the urine of the afflicted victim and feed the cake to a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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