Sales as the Heart of Marketing Essay

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Sales as the Heart of Marketing

Sales is at the Center of Marketing

The worse the economic climate in an industry or economy, the greater the level of battling that goes on between marketing and sales for the direction of all customer-facing strategies. The current recession has just accentuated and exacerbated this issue, with sales winning the majority of the time due to their better understanding of customer needs. In debating if marketing or sales is actually driving marketing, it's clear that sales has more self-interest ins take in seeing lead generation, lead escalation, lead nurturing and sales cycles succeeding. A large proportion of sales' income is directly affected by the effectiveness and precision by which marketing strategies are executed, which leads to this group fighting to dominate the role in many companies (Paparoidamis, Guenzi, 2009). The tougher the economic climate the greater urgency sales professionals have to protect their current income and earn at least a proportion of their bonus (Turner, Lasserre, Beauchet, 2007).

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TOPIC: Essay on Sales as the Heart of Marketing Sales Assignment

With so many digital channels and marketing techniques available for marketers to choose from and quantify their strategies to understand their effectiveness on target markets, the marketing profession could reach a level of precision never seen before. The role of digital marketing continues to be all-encompassing between upper and lower sales funnel analysis, providing a level of precision to marketing efforts that makes Return on Investment (ROI) possible to track and attain for each strategy or program (Edelman, 2010). Ironically, however marketers have adopted digital marketing so strongly that they have neglected to take into account those factors that cannot be quantified. The voice of the customer including their unmet needs, requirements, and needs for future products are seldom as neatly quantified as a digital marketing campaign defies this level of qualitative data capturing. Marketing has never been more quantified in its approach, measurable yet in this quantification the emotions, frustrations, concerns and needs of customers that defy quantification are often completely forgotten.

On this issue is where sales are taking control of marketing. Sales spend time with customers in person and can quickly interpret their emotions, from the frustration and unmet needs to the areas of a company's performance that delight them and get them to their goals. Sales understand how customers think in great depth and can quickly understand what needs they have. Sales managers and more senior sales professionals are so good at anticipating customer needs they can orchestrate the development of entire products… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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