Sales Marketing Publicity Research Paper

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This is quite a bit different from publicity especially, but even from public relations. Public relations there is some control over the message, but the message is usually communicated through an intermediary. For example, a website might report on a public relations press release. Publicity there is very little control over the message, or the audience. Malaysian Airlines has received a lot of publicity lately, to the point where that airline is now a household name. Is that good? Well, it is much more well-known but of course it is not known for anything positive -- it had no control over the message.

Public relations might be the communications that Malaysian Airlines is putting out with respect to flight 370. The public relations for the airline has to provide some form of official statement from the airline that represents its story. This is to either complement or two counter the message that exists as the result of the publicity. Advertising of course is something completely different. The company might have an advertising campaign in mind to help prop up business this summer in the wake of the flight 370 issue, which might reflect poorly on the airline.

Role of Publicity

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Publicity plays an interesting role in marketing, because it can be the most powerful in terms of reach but there is much less control over the message. Even when the message originates from the company, that message can quickly become out of control. A good example of this might have been when a Wal-Mart put out a food hamper for donations so that its employees could have a Christmas dinner. This was well-intentioned and doubtless the company felt that it would generate an impression of the company as caring for the employees, but of course it had the exact opposite effect (Nicks, 2013).

Role of Publicity

TOPIC: Research Paper on Sales Marketing Publicity Assignment

In the future, publicity will continue to be important, and in fact could be even more important. There are two reasons for this. First, there are going to be more opportunities both good and bad for exposure to the public eye and second social media is going to play a role in publicity. There are opportunities to leverage, for example, a publicity stunt for marketing purposes

In today's world, where everybody is wired, there are ample opportunities for exposure for companies. It used to be that a publicity event had to be fairly substantial in nature to garner eyeballs, but with the Internet that is no longer necessarily the case. A well-timed tweet can garner just as much publicity as an extensive advertising campaign. The amplification power means that publicity is now an effective way to reach a broad audience. There are always going to be instances where publicity is negative -- like in the Wal-Mart example above. However, there are more opportunities than ever before for a company to cultivate positive publicity. Having a lot of experience is important for handling bad publicity, for example, but also bad publicity can be countered with a wave of positive publicity as well (No author, 2013).

Publicity is something that can be cultivated with social media. With this, the lines between advertising and publicity are blurred a little bit. Because of its low cost, social media is part publicity machine, but it can also be used for advertising. Depending on the message, it can be difficult to discern where publicity ends and advertising begins on social media. What this highlights, however, is just how important publicity is in the overall marketing context. Firms need to have a high level of competence with regards to publicity in order to thrive in today's business environment.

Expectations of a Sales Professional

A sales professional should be knowledge, confident, aggressive and operate ethically. The key traits I would think are the ability to close -- anybody can be an information gateway but you need to be able to close. This is especially important when you are on commission, but the truth is that closers get paid and everybody else goes home. It's that simple. The key to a career as a sales professional is that it is appealing in terms of doing big deals. Sales is a critical success for people at high levels -- investment bankers, major business deals, oil pipelines and mine development and those kinds of deals. Being the closer at that level can be a rewarding and lucrative career. Other sales positions, however, are quite a bit less enticing. Selling used cars does not appeal to be me, for example. So a sales professional at the high levels of the profession is something I would be interested in as a career, but a low-level sales person is going to very quickly bring to a Willy Loman moment.


Sales is an interesting field, because it is just one of many positions within marketing. There is a high need for ethics in sales, so there should always be a code of ethics. It is also necessary for marketers to understand the differences between publicity, public relations and advertising, and be clear on the role that each one plays in building a successful business.


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