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Same sex marriage has always been a controversial subject in Democracy. There are many people who support this idea and believe that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry and should not be denied any of the public opportunities in the light of equality. On the other hand, there are also many people who believe that same sex marriage demonstrates immorality and is becoming the cause of promiscuity in the society. There are many places in the world where same sex marriage has been allowed and gays and lesbians are given equal rights and opportunities as the other citizens of the society, meanwhile the conservatives of many other places have been successful in ensuring that homosexuals should not be given any access to such opportunities. In this paper, we shall discuss two of the main ideas pertaining to the same sex marriage issue, their advantages and disadvantages and at the end I would share my personal ideas on the issue.

Natural Law Advocates

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Natural lawyers are the philosophers who are against the homosexual marriages and who support the fact that these people should not be given access to the opportunities that other citizens have access to. Two things that are particularly important that these people are denied are jobs in the military and marriage. These lawyers believe that such people are responsible for the separations between husbands and wives since homosexuality does not allow any sort of intimacy to develop between them. Another point that they press on is that the homosexuals only want to indulge in sexual activities for pleasure and not for any healthy or intimate relationship that exists otherwise in people of opposite sex. They believe that gays and lesbians should not be allowed to get married because they can build a relationship that would comfort one another since the only thing that the relationship of gays and lesbians is built on is sexual pleasure. Such relationships do not normally last for long and the people who are involved in these relationships suffer from mental as well as physical diseases.

TOPIC: Essay on About Same Sex Marriage Assignment

Marriage between two heterosexual people is enjoyed by both equally because it is giving relationship for both the people. They also produce off springs through sexual activities and this is what makes the bond between them even stronger. However, there is no such intimacy in the marriages that are contracted between gays and lesbians. These people do not have anything to hold them together when they have any issues in their relationship. Apart from this the natural lawyers also believe that some of the gays in the past have been acting extremely violently and that is what has made the gays earn a bad name for them. These people do not have much regard for the moral values and often indulge in promiscuous activities.

Whenever immorality starts to creep into any society, there is nothing that can save it from downfall. Immorality corrupts the minds of the people and encourages them to indulge in criminal activities. These are some of the many arguments that these natural lawyers give when they justify that gays and lesbians should not be encouraged to marry one another and their relationship should not be accepted and labeled as legal. However, these people also believe that when some people are born gays and lesbians then more should be done for them than just disqualifying them from the opportunities that are accessible to all the other citizens of the society. It is also important for us to make an analysis of the views and beliefs of these people by taking a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the aforementioned ideas

Equality and Same Sex Marriages

For thousands of years, people have been advocating the fact that a true marriage is the one that exists between a man and a woman; however liberals of today's world believe that this is not the case. This is because these people believe that it is the demand of equality that each citizen of every society should have the authority and legal right to choose who he wants to marry, whether it is a man or a woman or vice versa. The issue of moral neutrality still needs to be addressed. However, liberals claim that there is no law that is being implemented with complete moral neutrality and therefore there should be no problem in implementing the law of same sex marriage. Basically, these people put forth two main arguments. The first one is based on the fact that equality should prevail in every society of the world, if violence and criminal activities are to be avoided. These people claim that if the gays and lesbians are being denied to right to marry, then there should be a legit reason behind this denial. They should not just be labeled as immoral just because some of the gays in the past have acted immorally or violently. This is analogous to label all the men of the world as evil just because some of them have raped women.

If heterosexual people have the right to choose their partners, with whom they want to spend the rest of the life, then the homosexuals should also be given this right. The main aim of marriage is to provide contentment to both the partners through sexual intimacy. If the homosexuals believe that they can attain that level of intimacy and of they believe that they can give each other the comfort and love that is required in a marital relationship then they should not be denied the right to marry each other. If gays and lesbians and blamed for promoting promiscuity in the society, then they should only be banned from such activities and not from marrying.

The other main argument that is provided by the liberalist is that if the homosexuals are denied the right to marry each other or if their role in the society is limited because of their sexual likings and disliking then a solid reason should be provided so that these people can be convinced that their approach towards life is not right. Mere excuses are not effective in convincing these people.


The advantages of the implementation of the ideas that are presented by the natural lawyers are many. However, these need to be considered along with other factors and only then a rationale judgment can be passed that whether or not same sex marriages should be made legal. The main advantage of this idea is that gays and lesbians will always find it extremely hard to settle in the society. No matter how much liberal the society becomes, this is something that people will always find absurd to some extent. Therefore, there are many chances that these people would develop some kind of complex out of embarrassment. Moreover, there are countless sexually transmitted diseases that are being spread because of promiscuous behavior of the homosexual people. Moreover, when gays and lesbians indulge in sexual activities, there are chances that these people can develop many malignant diseases. Moreover, when more and more people will get encouraged to go for same sex marriages because of its legitimacy, these people will not be able to expand their families since children cannot be born to homosexual couples.


The main disadvantage of these ideas is that it does not provide any solid reasons on which the basis for the denial of opportunities can be explained. Gays and lesbians are also members of the society and they have the right to choose for themselves whoever they want to marry. Making same sex marriage illegal will give rise to sexual frustration in these people and this can also cause them to indulge in criminal activities. The ideas of the natural lawyers become even more controversial when they support marriage between two heterosexuals who are sterile but do not believe in marriage between two homosexuals for the same reasons.

Personal Opinion

I personally believe that gays and lesbians should not be allowed to marry each other. I do not believe that they should be denied places in the military and should be given full participation in other matters of the society. The reason why I believe that homosexuals should be discourages to marry each other is not because I believe that they do not have the right to choose their life partners, but because it is against the nature. From the ancient times, men have been marrying women and vice versa and that is how the generations have grown over the years. When people start going against the laws of nature then eventually devastation and destruction start prevailing the society. I am not certain about the presence of gays and lesbians in the ancient times or even in the near past, but I am sure that even if there were any such people they had the moral courage to actually stand up against their inclination toward the same sex and fixed their sexual liking towards the same sex. They used… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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