Sampling Strategy and Sample Size Research Paper

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V. Sample Size in Relation to Population Size

Affecting the sample size in relation to the population rate will be the response and refusal rates. The response rate is the percentage of the portion of individuals included in the sampling in this study compared to the number of individuals that the study desires to include. To motivate the response rate in this study an incentive will be offered in the form of a gift certificate to a local restaurant for dinner for two. Those who participate in the study will receive the gift certificate upon completion of the study.

VI. Summary

This study focuses on the extent to which African-American men who live in an urban setting exhibit aggressive behavior due to early development factors associated with depression and who have received a diagnosis at local medical facilities of conduct disorder as opposed to depression. The sampling method utilized in this quantitative study will be a non-probability convenience volunteer sampling in which study participants will be targeted through flyers that invite their participation in this research study.

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The response rate will be motivated in this study through an incentive and specifically a gift certificate for dinner for two in a local restaurant, which will be given to participants upon completion of the study. The study will require that participants in this study review and sign an authorization and consent for use of the information gained in this study for publication in research journals or other publications reporting this study. The representation of the population chosen in this study will be dependent upon the response rate of potential participants and cannot be estimated presently.

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Sampling Strategy and Sample Size Assignment

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