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" This poem celebrates love and leads us to believe that there is nothing more beautiful than love except, perhaps, the starlit night. (791)

Another famous Romantic poet is John Keats who also wrote many poems admiring the beautiful elements of nature. He also wrote Poem of love. In his poem, "Bright Star," we see Keats speaking to a star as he imagines that star shining upon "his fair love's ripening breast" and listening to her "tender-taken" breath. Keats is experimenting with something beautiful gazing upon something beautiful. (1205)

An example of a modern-day Romantic could be James Wright's poem entitled "Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy's Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota." In this poem Wright is employing the traditional Romantic technique of examining the nature around him while he lies in the hammock. He notices the "bronze butterfly" asleep on the "black trunk" of the tree "blowing like a leaf in the green shadow." (210 Hall). In another way that Wright's poem could be perceived as Romantic is the fact that at the end of the poem, the poet comes to the conclusion that he has "waster" his life because he has missed the simple beauty of nature.

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Another example of a modern-day Romantic poem is "Piute Creek," by Gary Snyder. Once again, the poet takes notice of the beauty of nature. Noting that the "granite ridge" with a tree and a small creek would be enough, but this poet found "hill beyond hill" to be "too much," stating that the whole thing made the mind wander. Snyder does what the Romantics did when he imagines "a million summers" and the "sky over endless mountains." He continues to say that "all the junk that goes along with being human drops away." In addition, he goes on to state that "a clear, attentive mind has no meaning but that which sees is truly seen" (238). Clearly this poet is expressing his appreciation for the beauty that surrounds him.

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