Samurai the Espionage-Free Samurai While Popular Western Term Paper

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The Espionage-Free Samurai

While popular Western culture often confuses Samurai and Ninja philosophy to be one in the same, the Samurai and the Ninja follow very different paths of honor. The Samurai did not make use of espionage skills, while the Ninja did make use of such skills, because of their differences in their religious and social origins, valuing ceremony vs. intimidation, and their general code of fighting ethics.

The Samurai were strongly associated with religions in a society which enforced inflexible dogmas, while the Ninja were outcast from society.

Both were strongly influenced by their religious affiliations

The Samurai were usually Shintoists or Confucianists, both religions with relatively inflexible dogmas.

The Ninja were mainly Zen Buddhists, believed they were one with the universe and did not have strict unmoveable dogmas

B. Both were strongly influenced by their status in society

Samurai were a part of mainstream society and served lords. The Samurai were the only ones allowed to carry weapons, and therefore they could display them proudly.

2. The Ninja were social outcasts. They were forbidden from carrying weapons so they had to be hidden in order to protect selves.

C. There are major differences between the philosophy of Samurai vs. Ninja because of these facts.

1. The Samurai would do as their masters and religion required, and as the law permitted them to.

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2. The Ninja served themselves to a larger degree because they were oppressed and forbidden from following another path.

II. The Samurai warriors did not make use of stealth, camouflage, or other espionage skills due to the high value which was given to honorable ceremony in fighting. The Ninja, on the other hand, held other things in higher esteem than ceremony.

A. The Samurai strongly regarded ceremony.

1. The Samurai valued the "show of honor"

2. The Samurai valued ceremony

Term Paper on Samurai the Espionage-Free Samurai While Popular Western Assignment

3. These values were higher than any other, even the overall good

B. The Ninja strongly regarded survival and reputation.


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