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Cross Border

The first trade agreement that the United States signed was with Canada, back in 1988. That agreement became NAFTA when Mexico joined. There are now a total of 14 free trade agreements that the U.S. is party to. Most are with a single country, but there is an agreement six Central American countries as well that came into force in 2005. There are new agreements under negotiation that will greatly expand the number of countries with which the U.S. has free trade agreements (, 2014).

I have no idea what the current issue is with Eximbank. A Google search of Eximbank shows that many countries have such banks, and they are used to facilitate exporting. A Google search of "issue" with regards to Eximbank turns up nothing, not surprisingly.

An FTZ is a foreign trade zone. These are set up by governments to be enclaves within a country where there are lower duties within the country. There are reductions of duties on goods coming into the country, duty deferral and other aspects to FTZs that lower the costs of doing business for companies operating within the zone. San Antonio has been designated as FTZ No. 80, and there are eleven sites within the city (City of San Antonio, 2014).


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The city argues that it has "achieved staying power as one of the most attractive environments for businesses in the United States…educate workforce and business friendly climate" (City of San Antonio, 2014). The city cites several elements of its strategy in creating this business climate. The city has voter-approved bonds that have allowed it to build out its infrastructure, it has low property taxes as well. The city argues that it is well-situated between the east and west coasts, as well as the Gulf of Mexico, with a large port. There are also tax incentives such as abatements, grants and a state enterprise fund that contribute to the creation of a strong business environment.

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