San Antonio and the Mexican Male Demographic Essay

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Particular Demographic Group

Mexican Males 21-50 in San Antonio, Texas

Demographic Group: Mexican Males 21-50 in San Antonio, Texas

Mexican males in San Antonio, Texas in the 21-50 age group were chosen because they are often overlooked when studies and reports are done on demographics throughout the country. Many studies focus on black and white individuals, or they lump all Mexican people together and do not separate them out based on gender or age characteristics. Focusing on a more specific group in a single city also makes it easier to address behaviors and other information that are completely specific to that demographic group and that city or area of the country. The segment of the population discussed here should not be overlooked or included with other demographic groups, because they have a great deal of buying power and marketers are losing ground by ignoring them. Especially in a city like San Antonio, Mexican males in the 21-50 age group are a rapidly growing segment of society (San Antonio, 2012). They need to be acknowledged in order to ensure that companies who want their hard-earned dollars are focused on what that group needs. A great deal of money can be made by companies that take the time to study this particular demographic segment and cater to it (Fisher, 1996).

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This segment of the population is specifically male, no younger than 21 and no older than 50. They reside in San Antonio, Texas -- either within the city limits or in the outskirts that make up the metropolitan area. For some of these people, their legal address will not be San Antonio specifically, but they will still be considered as living "in" San Antonio for purposes of this paper because they live within the metro area and are closest to that large city as opposed to another one. There are generally many suburbs around large cities, so this is common and to be expected when examining demographic information. These people are all of Mexican descent, and will shop, work, and attend events within the San Antonio metropolitan area the vast majority of the time.

Essay on San Antonio and the Mexican Male Demographic Assignment

In order to understand the importance of this demographic group when it comes to where marketers should be focusing their time, money, and efforts, it is necessary to understand what the group brings to marketers in the form of buying power. Most of this is based on the size of the group itself, because it is very large in comparison to other groups in San Antonio. There are more than 1.38 million people who call San Antonio home, and 48.8% of them are men (American, 2008). Since the year 2000, the population of the San Antonio area has grown more than 20%, and there are no indications that the growth in that area is going to slow down anytime soon (San Antonio, 2012). That, in and of itself, is important for marketers to consider, because there are so many people to whom marketers can reach out when they are interested in bringing in new people and making more sales. The average median age of residents is 32.7 years (San Antonio, 2012). This falls nearly right in the middle of the 21-50 age bracket being considered here. Of the people who live in San Antonio, 62.5% are Mexican or Hispanic in origin, providing a large market segment (San Antonio, 2012).

With the average median income in San Antonio being just over $42,600, there are those who are below the poverty line and also many who are quite wealthy and have a great deal of buying power for both local and foreign marketers to consider (American, 2008). Because of the percentage of Mexican people in San Antonio, and the high number of those who are male and within the age group considered here, there is not one, specific area within the city where the group congregates. Mexican people are the majority in San Antonio, and they can be found everywhere from the lowest-priced housing to the most affluent neighborhoods. Because they have median incomes over $40,000, they have considerable purchasing power in a city like San Antonio, where the cost of living is lower than the average for the United States. Lower cost of living means more money to spend on other things (Fisher, 1996).

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