Sandy Hook School Shooting Research Paper

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Positive and Negative Impact Analysis

It is very difficult to find anything positive in the Sandy Hook School Shooting. Many people died, seemingly senselessly. Some believe there is a reason for everything, but others do not see it the same way, and struggle to find meaning. If positives are to be found in the short-term, it could be that the debate regarding gun control was re-introduced. That is an important discussion, and a valuable one. Additionally, another positive is that the community was drawn closer together, and armed police officers were placed in all the schools in the area in order to reduce the risk of that type of tragedy happening again. Those are positive things, but it is hard to look at them as being too positive with so many negatives swirling around the incident and so much tragedy to deal with.

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The negative impact of the incident is clear. Twenty children and six adults lost their lives, and lost them in a painful, frightening, and difficult way that weighs on the minds of their remaining loved ones and the people who tried to protect them that day. The emotional scars left on their family members are significant, as was the terror and heartache those family members undoubtedly felt when they first were notified that their loved ones were among the dead. Those who were injured and survived were also badly traumatized, as were their families and friends. Another negative was that the school was closed, and will likely never be reopened. That is a financial waste, although it seems rather insignificant in light of the tragedy. Additionally, another family was torn apart because of the path the killer chose. A mother lost her life, and a father was left struggling to understand, as was a brother. For Lanza himself, help was available but unused. The system failed him, in the eyes of many people.

Long-Term Effects of the Event

Research Paper on Sandy Hook School Shooting on Assignment

Long-term effects on the community are many. Newtown will never be the same, and neither will any of the family members of the children and adults who were killed that day. The survivors also struggle, and will likely do so for some time because of the emotional and physical difficulties they have to endure. When a community is forever changed, there is no way to go back to the way things were before the event took place. The people who live in Newtown will never forget what took place that day, even if they were not directly involved or do not know anyone who was shot.

Personal Feelings and Reactions

My personal feelings about the event are hard to articulate. Although I did not know anyone who was involved in the Newtown incident, it is still very painful. The concept of someone going to a school and shooting children multiple times is sickening, and I do not understand the kind of mindset that would lead a person to do such a thing. Still, I am amazed at the rallying spirit of the community, and how so many people came together to help people in need as much as they were able to. Even people who did not know one another opened their wallets and their hearts, and gifts, donations, and love of all types poured in from across the country. That was uplifting, but it is terrible that it takes such a tragedy to bring out that spirit of caring in the majority of people.

Summary and Conclusion

The shooting at Sandy Hook was a horrible tragedy, and one that the people of Newtown will never forget. There is no way to go back to the way things were beforehand, and no way to return what was lost to the families who will grieve for their missing loved ones for the rest of their lives. However, there are important lessons to take away from the incident, and if it brings about safer schools and better gun control, it will at least have some value to society.


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