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¶ … Bread

Sara Miles "Take This Bread"

One day when Sara Miles was 46 years old she did something she had never done before, the celebrated the sacrament of Holy Eucharist for the first time. She described this monumental event as "outrageous and terrifying," and said it "made no sense. I was in tears and physically unbalanced." (Miles, p. 59) But if one reads her book, entitled "Take This Bread," and reads it carefully, one will see that this experience is one that she had been preparing for her entire life. While she claims that she had lived a secular life, and for the most art she did, she unknowingly maintained Christian ideals inside of her in the guise of secular ideology. When she said that she had spent 46 years living a secular life, what she did not realize was that she had spent 46 years preparing for her role as a Christian who's mission it would be to spread the word of Christ through her feeding of the poor and needy.

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As the author stated is the book, "my education had taken place among all kinds of people, on several continents." (p. 14) But as it had been based upon physical experiences and questioning, she had very little trust in official dogmas of any kind. However, her experiences in the poorest places on Earth, such as when she visited the peasants of the Philippines, or El Salvador, taught her the compassion and generosity of the poverty stricken and their food. Everywhere she visited, "despite the danger my presence often meant, strangers fed me, freely. Food took on new meaning for me…" (p. 40) The author began to understand how the sharing of food with the hungry could bring about a spiritual happiness that is the basis of Christianity.

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But even as Miles traveled around the planet, working with the downtrodden and poverty-stricken, it was in the sense of a secular political movement. She witnesses atrocities and injustices that were intolerable, but she witnesses them from a political perspective, and her answers came back from that same political spectrum. But all along, in the recesses of her mind she remembered the generosity of the poverty-stricken when it came to sharing the sustenance of life: food. She described how the food of the rural poor tasted like dirt, and the food of the urban poor always had a greasy taste, but "people gave me food, and I ate it all…." (p. 49)

While Sara Miles traveled the world writing about Marxist, socialists, and other revolutionary types, she was setting the stage for her own epiphany, simply by eating with the ordinary poor. Without realizing it, she was… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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