Satire About Water Pollution Term Paper

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One cannot trust anything these liberals say, they have their own agenda, plain and simple. They love to cause trouble and stir the pot. Even the government says the country does not have a big problem with water pollution. These authors state, "Water quality in the United States, while not showing vast improvement since the early 1970s is at least not getting worse" (Freedman and Jaggi 23). Thus, water pollution is not as big an issue as people make it, and the country can deal with it simply and effectively by simply ignoring the problem, and looking for bigger fish to fry. Other reports show that pollution has increased: "The number of national pollutant registers worldwide has grown rapidly in recent years, fueled by public demands for the right to know about the hazardous substances produced by local industries" (Bast 11). However, that is just because more people are reporting pollution, as the author indicates. If less people reported it, there would be less to report. The real problem is not water pollution, but that so many people are raging about it, when they could be worrying about much more important issues.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Satire About Water Pollution, Following Assignment

Today, environmental groups are even saying the country's very own suburban neighborhoods are hot beds of water pollution. How can that be? One hysterical writer warns, "Residential streets and driveways are inundated with oils and metals from cars and trucks, while lawns and gardens release fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and pets deposit waste along curbsides. According to the EPA, stormwater runoff from urban areas is the leading pollutant of rivers and lakes" (Billow). Hogwash. Many Americans never fertilize their gardens, and they grow just fine. Nor do many Americans let their pets "deposit" their wastes "along curbsides," and even if they did, their wastes are biodegradable -- everyone knows that. These people take these problems to the extreme, and they are worrying about things that the country simply does not need to. Another author even wants people to create "rain gardens" to save water from running off into the streets. That is silly. How can a person garden in the rain? She also says these gardens need to be watered several times a week. Why, when they are gardens for rain? This is just another knee-jerk reaction to a problem that is so minor it barely merits mentioning.

It is quite clear the solution to the water pollution problem is simple and workable. The answer is, forget about it. Let the water clean itself. It has been doing just that for thousands, even millions of years, and who are Americans to stand in the way of history and science? Does the water in the mountain stream visited every year by thousands of vacationers look dirty? Of course not. Do the animals of the forest still drink it? Of course they do. Are they dead because of it? No, they are dead because of hunters' guns and encroaching development. Therefore, leave the water alone, and let it take care of itself. If it has not killed anyone lately, then it is probably just fine, and all this ruckus over water pollution is simply hysteria. When was the last time anyone saw polluted water, anyway? When was the last time the news reported someone dying from drinking from a polluted stream?

In conclusion, water pollution is making many Americans wary and quite distressed. It is clear water pollution is not the problem it is made out to be by the vocal media and hysterical environmental groups. Humankind has lived with polluted water for centuries, and long before the people knew it was bad, they managed to survive. All the fuss about water pollution is simply overreaction to a miniscule problem. Let the water be. It will cleanse itself, and there is little anyone can do to change that. Americans should worry about other problems that are more important, such as the price of gasoline and hamburgers at McDonald's.


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