Saudi Arabia Surveillance Intro the Knowledge Term Paper

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Saudi Arabia Surveillance Intro

The Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Ministry of Health Physicians Toward Surveillance System in Saudi Arabia

Surveillance is the ongoing systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of health data in the process of describing and monitoring a health event (Jajosky & Groseclose, 2004). The information is used for planning, implementing and evaluating public health intervention programs (Waife & Davenhall, 2005). An epidemiological surveillance system is a set of interrelated elements and activities which contributes to the achievement of surveillance objectives. It is usually well-known as a central part of a health care system in order to monitor priority health events which are known to be taking place in the population (World Health Organization, 1998). This study explores the knowledge, attitude and practices of Ministry of Health Physicians toward surveillance systems in Saudi Arabia. The study will evaluate the efficacy and efficiency with which surveillance systems are adopted to protect the health from the spread of and to initiate early detection of infection disease.

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The results of this study will show the key variables needed to implement an efficient surveillance system, and define what criteria officials should establish when creative effective surveillance systems in the regions explored. The information gathered from the field study of this report is compared from information gathered from qualitative review of the literature available on surveillance systems throughout the world, including in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and in the United States. The researcher hopes the results of this study will enable officials to detect key health events before they reach levels that may result in danger to public officials and citizens in the areas explored.

Purpose of the Study

TOPIC: Term Paper on Saudi Arabia Surveillance Intro the Knowledge, Attitude Assignment

The purpose of this study is to first assess the knowledge, attitude and practices of MOH physicians toward the surveillance system in Saudi Arabia. Second to this, the researcher will identify the needs of physicians to provide improved public health surveillance in Saudi Arabia. To accomplish these goals the researcher will adopt a cross-sectional, descriptive study conducted nationally involving all 20 health regions of the K.S.A. To collect information for this study, the researcher prepared a self-report questionnaire distributed to regional coordinators from the 20 health regions.

Background to Study

Epidemiological surveillance is a tool individuals can use to produce timely actions in response to the outbreak or potential outbreak of any disease (Bakarman & Al-Raddadi, 2000; MMWR, 1988; Krause, Ropers & Strak, 2005). For this type of surveillance to be effective it must be central to a control program, carried out at the local, regional and central levels and adopted and accepted by the Ministry of Health (Bakarman & Al-Raddadi, 2000). Without these key factors, it is unlikely that such systems will benefit the public. Currently there exists within Saudi Arabia a collective group of people conducting studies and surveying the public for the potential outbreak of disease. The results of this study will help refine current practices to ensure government officials are utilizing the resources available to them in the best way possible.

Limitations of the Study

The researcher recognizes any study involving effective assessment of the surveillance of infectious disease must be one that takes place over several months, years, and even decades to gain an accurate picture of how well a country is managing disease and its health systems, both primary and secondary. Because of financial and time constraints, this… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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