Savages in the Film Research Paper

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, 2010).

From the community standpoint there are several resources that deal with dementia. First, there are dementia support groups and many communities for caregivers, relatives, and persons with dementia. These support groups provide an outlet for the relatives and caregivers of people with dementia and can also provide much-needed education and social support for these individuals. Often the relatives of the person with dementia are in need of education and support regarding how to understand dementia and deal with the issues associated with and support groups offer a means to achieve this. There are some community programs that allow people with dementia to interact with therapists, groups, and engage in activities on a daily basis and then return home with their caregiver later in the day (Alzheimer's Association, 2012). Such programs have been shown to be quite beneficial for these people and may even result in improvements or delayed progression of the disorder. There are also fund raising events and toll-free support lines from the Alzheimer's Association (Alzheimer's Association, 2012).

Of course other community supports for dementia include rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospitals, publicly funded programs, etc. In addition, national support groups such as the Alzheimer's Association offer community supports for people with dementia, their relatives, or caregivers (Alzheimer's Association, 2012).


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Savages in the Film the Assignment

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Schoenmakers, B., Buntinx, F., & Delepeleire, J. (2010). Factors determining the impact of care giving on caregivers… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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