scenario job cost benefits problem solving Essay

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There are a lot of unknown variables with moving, including whether or not I will like my new coworkers and whether or not I will like my new city.

The second option has a few good points. I would have my full tuition paid for, and would still be able to look for other jobs if my promotion did not arrive promptly enough. I would also avoid the stress of moving and I might eventually be able to receive a company reimbursement for the Master’s program. Remaining with the same company for as long as I have provides a sense of security.

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In light of the evaluation of all options and their respective pros and cons, leaving my current job does seem like a worthwhile risk to take. Leaving would mean sacrificing the security of a known situation, as I have worked in this company for eleven years and they are paying for my current and any possible future tuition. The possible costs of leaving, including emotional and psychological strain and financial considerations related to tuition reimbursements, will be offset by the benefits being offered to me by the new company including a $15,000 salary increase plus a promotion that will prepare me for the next phase of my career. Ultimately, my decision hinges on my career trajectory and whether I want to move forward or not. Deciding to return to school shows that I am in fact interested in personal and professional advancement. I am already poised to receive my Bachelor’s degree, which means I have completed almost the entire program. All of my hard work would be for nothing if I remain where I am and did not have room to grow in the company. If I were to remain where I am, there are no costs, but actually there are no benefits either.

Essay on scenario job cost benefits problem solving Assignment

Taking the risk to move might mean that I incur additional fees, but it will be well worth it. I will receive a guaranteed salary advancement that will most likely make up for the additional tuition I owe. I will also receive the very same promotion I have been working so hard to obtain. I might be able to negotiate a starting time that is conducive to the schedule for my final exams. Even if not, I can work around this challenge. The benefits of moving far outweigh the potential costs, and the costs are as of yet unknown.

Planning the Next Course of Action

Now that I have selected to move to the new company in a new state, my life will change dramatically. To reduce stress and make the transition as smooth as possible, I will plan my course of action. I will formally accept the new position, either verbally or in writing, whatever my new supervisor prefers.

Before I give notice to the current organization that I am leaving, I will read my employee manual to determine what my liabilities are for the college tuition already paid. Assuming the company will cover the schooling that I did while in their employment, I will give my notice of termination.

Next, I will focus on finals. I will first ask my new supervisor if it is possible to shift the start date in light of my final exams, using rhetorical strategies that focus on how finishing my finals with aplomb is good for the company because it prepares me better for success in my new supervisory role. Assuming they say yes, I will focus solely on my studies until the time comes where I need to move.

If the company denies my request, I will ask the same of my professors at school, explaining the situation to them.

When it is time for me to move, I will search for appropriate housing near my new company, utilizing my relocation expenses as wisely as possible.


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