School Change Projects a New Essay

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Most children in this district come from single-parent households or households in which there are complicated arrangements among parents, step-parents, step-children, step-siblings, half-siblings. These are just some of the barriers that parents may feel as they think about participating in their children's schools. This is on top of another factor, one that is terribly sad and yet is all too often true: Many parents are simply not as invested in their children's present or future as professionals would want them to be.

There are also other important barriers that many parents and other family members may face when they think about participating in their schools. They may not, for example, know that parents are welcome to join int. Or they may not speak English and so feel that they do not have the right or possibility to join in the educational process. They not believe that education is in fact important, which presents the school and the district with the opportunity to educate the parents themselves about the importance of education. In the case where non-parents are the primary caregivers, those caregivers (such as grandmothers) may feel that it is simply not their job to step in and do more for children who are not their own for than the most minimal effort.

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This last is the key lever to begin the process of creating fundamental change: Ensuring that the family knows how important their contributions can be is the linchpin on which the whole project rides. Parents becoming involved are like the first domino in a series: When it goes over the rest will follow until barrier and barrier between the child and her future. Part of the impetus for parental involvement, part of what allows the parents to be that first domino to tip in the right direction, is educating them about the real effect that they can have in the lives of their children.

Essay on School Change Projects a New Assignment

Perhaps because these parents were not successful as students when they themselves were young they do not know how important they are. Or perhaps it is the case that the professional educators may themselves either wittingly or unwittingly push parents away. Teachers are very much under attack these days from a number of different directions and it is hardly surprising that they would feel the inclination to band together to reassure each other of their professionalism and skills. This may well have the effect of pushing parents out of the process.

Some of the most important facts that teachers must be made aware of by the district and that must be made plain to the parents and families as well are the following:

Family participation in education was twice as predictive of students' academic success as family socioeconomic status. Some of the more intensive programs had effects that were 10 times greater than other factors.

The more intensely parents are involved, the more beneficial the achievement effects.

The more parents participate in schooling, in a sustained way, at every level -- in advocacy, decision-making and oversight roles, as fund-raisers and boosters, as volunteers and para-professionals, and as home teachers -- the better for student achievement. (Michigan Department of Education, 2002)

When parents are able to join with both their children and their children's schools in the ways described above then this school district will be able to fulfill its mission to its children and the future.


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