Essay: School Culture Overview of Situation

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School Culture

Overview of Situation - In essence, this situation revolves around two major issues: potential change management and span of authority. The core issues surround the ability for a group of educators and interested stakeholders to meet and agree upon the best course of action for the schools involved, the teachers, the administrators, and the budget. Mr. Batz, a school principal, is by all indications a phenomenal teacher, a personable and thoughtful person, and an effective administrator at most levels. He has volunteered for his school to be a pilot site regarding the first SBM decentralization program. His school, though, is not aligned -- it is factional and his management style of "walking around" may be rather ineffectual for the new Superintendent, Ursula Jones', needs.

General Recommendations -- The core issue that propelled the players to a head revolves around a request to send 5 teachers to an SMB conference. Among the attendees would be 2 of one factional group, the other factional group is not represented. Mr. Batz has decided to be neutral and see how "things play out." While one can certainly appreciate Mr. Batz's gentle political stance in this matter, the time, effort and money spent to committee these issues could perhaps be better spent elsewhere. This issue does not seem to be an opinion piece, but rather a clear, and reasonable, structured set of methods that would, in the long-run, benefit all. The issue is not whether to spend x$ attending conference A or y$ attending conference B. The issue is the span of control and the best decision to be made with the available information. By allowing a group of Indians with no Chief, Mr. Batz has effectively given up any semblance of true leadership.

Because Batz is unable or unwilling to take a strong stand on the management of sensitive issues, Superintendent Jones must decide whether he is, or is not, appropriate for the position. If he is unable to manage a simple situation regarding consensus for a conference, how can he be the point person on implementing new programs… [END OF PREVIEW]

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