School Growth and Development Article Critique

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Article Critique on School Growth and Development Assignment

The biggest issue that the students of Stanford are facing today is the problem of gaining good marks in doctoral courses. This problem could be solved before the students enter that level rather than after their entry in the doctoral level otherwise there would always remain a problem and it would put a lot of pressure on the students. The most important factor in teaching is when the students learn something and act on it outside school and get engaged in different activities. Another reason that the students might like to perform the activities is that they like the result of it rather than the whole process of reaching to the results of a certain activity. The students might find the outcome to be satisfying.(Eisner 2004) For example, getting good grades in a test takes a lot of time for the students and they have to study through the course to grasp each and everything. The whole process is not enjoyable and the students go through a lot of breaks to reach to the point, but what motivates them is the satisfying feeing of achievement. Secondly, another reason for performing an activity is the incentive or the reward that you gain from the results. The students may not care about the whole process of achieving the results or even about the results; however, they do care about the rewards that they would be awarded with. For example, students getting good grades might receive cash rewards or some sort of an honor that would make them proud of themselves. A lot of schools offer scholarships for students and provide them with different opportunities to grab those scholarships by achieving the required results. Similarly as the previous reaction, this also results in satisfaction which a student gains from the efforts that he has put in to achieving those results and the entire journey that he has covered for that. It is very easy to make plans and promise to spend the time according to them, but it is very important to implement them which requires extra effort and motivation from the student. Despite the efforts it takes to achieve the results, it is important that the focus of the student remains entirely on the goals and the aims he has to achieve for his success.(Eisner 2004)

A lot of schools present the works of students in different ways which has a huge impact on them. For example, during the art work display of students, a normal artwork by the student has his name on the left corner while the best work of art is displayed in a prettier way. The school needs to address the problems by holding an educational and self-explanatory exhibition which tells the audience regarding the issues being faced by the students. The teachers can put up both the old and the new work of the students together and their comparison can direct the problems being faced by the students and the solution can be found out through the discussion of the parents and the teachers. Furthermore, in order to address change and put good results, the schools need to groom the students who would normally think of themselves as losers. The winners would get around doing something or the other, but it is the unprivileged ones who are not confident about themselves, that require more attention. They should be educated about leadership and its qualities and by doing that, education would not only focus on the different worldly subjects being aught everywhere, but it would also help to shape their personalities for the long-term. (Eisner 2004)

A part of the education system feels it better to divide it into age groups as students do well in that environment, because according to the problem solvers, the children do not become different from each other. However, it is to be noted that the children of grade four five and six do develop difference in their personalities because their age increases and they get to learn new things from what they study. Every child gets different with his age so the schools need to promote that difference as well as the similarities at the same time.

There needs to be a proper vision regarding the schools and its cultures because it has a lot of effect on what the students come out to be. The educational institutes' future needs to be reviewed and new changes should be made so that a proper vision and image of the schools is put forward to the children. The new reforms regarding education should be reviewed properly so that logical changes are made in the systems of schools and the students get attracted towards them rather than feel it to be their obligation of going to school. It is not just the responsibility of the government to put forward efforts for improvement in schools. The financial budget that they have provided for education needs to be utilized properly so that there is no misuse of the assets provided for the students (Eisner 2004). The school institutions have a lot of impact on the upbringing o the students as the children are admitted after almost two and a half years of their birth. With a proper environment and education system and facilities, the students will be groomed properly for what is to come in their future.


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