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¶ … School Improvement Plan

The vision or mission of "New River Middle School of Marine Science is to use science as a vehicle through which the entire school program will be enhanced while encouraging the total development of every student's potential through specialized and technologically-driven instruction." This is in collaboration with the greater goal of the Florida Board of Education for highest student achievement possible. "New River Middle is the only school in Broward County located on waterfront property. The integration of the marine science magnet program in every class allows each student the opportunity to learn marine science concepts." (All information from school improvement plan can be found at (

The school has developed a set of curricular goals that integrate science as a basis for school achievement through project-based learning that enhances interest and achievement in reading, math and science. (Grant & Branch, 2005, p. 65) (Evensen & Hmelo, 2000, p. 6) Collectively the three variables, shared vision, instructional objectives and curricular goals are well developed in this improvement plan through teacher and paraprofessional training (Harwell, 2000, p. 7), curriculum planning (Joseph, Bravmann, Windschitl, Mikel & Green, 2000, p. 178), and student and parent involvement in goals and objectives (Devlin-Scherer & Devlin-Scherer, 1994, p. 235).

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1. Teachers, especially first year teachers, will be trained in strategies that enhance higher order thinking and enable students to become independent readers. 8/12/2004 Reading Coach $1,000 for materials and supplies

Title I, Acct.) Ongoing

2.Administer survey to teachers to identify which teachers need staff development in critical content in reading and reading strategies and to determine school-wide gaps in staff development and use of strategies. Staff development training will be provided according to faculty needs. 8/12/2004 Dept. Chairs, Reading Coach, Asst. Principals 1000 for subs (Teacher training) Ongoing

TOPIC: Term Paper on School Improvement Plan Assignment

3. Training for use of Instructional Focus Calendar for benchmarks on a monthly basis. Administration will monitor implementation of the Focus

Calendar in each of the classrooms and help determine, along with the leadership team, the focus according to the school's data 8/13/2004 Administration $1,250 for printing of materials/transparencies (General budget) Monthly

4. All students will receive instruction either through placement in a reading class at the appropriate level (Wilson, Rewards, READ XL, 5. Inclusion, Advanced, & Developmental) or through incorporating content area reading for gifted and magnet classes. 8/16/2004 Classroom Teachers None Ongoing

6.Students whose FCAT reading scores are in the lowest 25% will be scheduled into the technology assisted learning center as a second reading class and will also receive additional learning strategies in all curriculum classes to improve annual learning gains. 8/16/2004 Classroom Teachers, AP's, None


7. Selected ESE and LEP students will be provided with a learning strategies class. 8/16/2004 ESE Specialist None Ongoing

8. All Level 1 & 2 students will be placed in appropriate reading classes. 8/16/2004 Scheduling Committee District will provide for the cost of testing. Ongoing 9. Students will be provided with vocabulary, reading comprehension skills and strategies, test taking strategies through regular class instruction, enhancement through modeling by the Reading Coach, class time in the technology assisted learning center,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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