School Retention vs. Social Promotion Term Paper

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¶ … School Retention vs. Social Promotion

The data for this study will be collected using interviews conducted with key stakeholders such as parents, teachers, school administrators and students in four schools, two in New York and two in New Jersey. A case study methodology is employed. The data collected will be coded and entered into Nvivo 10. The two proposed methods of analysis of the data are content analysis and narrative and discourse analysis.

Content analysis will be the major method by which data is analyzed. The rationale for content analysis is that it is best for primary qualitative data which is numerically reduced. Since the data collected will be coded using Nvivo 10, it will be appropriate for content analysis to be done. After the data is coded, the next step in content analysis will be to sample the coded data then select the relevant emerging themes from all the others.

Sampling in content analysis is important because it helps to strip the relevant data to those that are irrelevant. After coding, the data will then be separated into coding units which represents the categorization of the data. These coding units will then help the researcher to have broader knowledge of the collected data and also to relate it better to the hypothesis formed. Coding units can take several forms. With the type of data that is collected, it will be best for the data to be ranked in order then rated to see which coding units are more important Thorne, 2000()Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on School Retention vs. Social Promotion Assignment

Content analysis has several advantages. First is that it is the best way of extracting information from a wide-range of data. This is because of the coding units, ranking and rating of information collected. Another advantage is that it is easy to use and allows for flexibility which is of major importance in a qualitative study like this one. However, content analysis has two major limitations. The first is that it makes it hard to interpret the findings when the coding units are not properly built. The second limitation is that since selection, coding, ranking and rating of information is subjective, it does not allow for transparency in judgments made. Therefore it requires that all data collected reflects the content accurately Babbie, 2010(; Krippendorff, 2004)

Narrative and discourse analysis

Narrative analysis refers to analyzing the stories that the key respondents will give alongside other aspects such as social interaction and interpretation in order to understand the structure, functionality and context of the respondents. Discourse analysis, on the other hand, will be used to analyze all extended communication from the respondents. This includes analyzing aspects such as talking sequences, speech acts, propositions, sentences and context.

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