Schools Have Been Facing Tremendous Challenges Essay

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¶ … schools have been facing tremendous challenges when it comes to curriculum. This is because there has been the focus at the state and federal levels to increase accountability. Yet, at the same time, many officials are trying to provide educators with a certain amount of flexibility in reaching predetermined objectives. (Fuller, 1962) ("Massillon City Schools," 2012)

As a result, there has been a shift in the kinds of tools that educators' are using to deal with these challenges. To fully understand how this can be achieved requires looking at the way state standards can be augmented with differential instruction. This will be accomplished by focusing on: the strategies, techniques and methods that will be utilized. Once this takes place, is when we provide specific insights that are illustrating how these guidelines can be improved upon to increase the quality of education. (Fuller, 1962) ("Massillon City Schools," 2012)


The grade that will be focused on during the process is the fifth grade. This is because children are going through rapid physical, intellectual and emotional changes. These different elements are allowing educators need to improve the total amounts of material that is presented to the class. In the future, this will help to introduce everyone to key concepts they will encounter at the higher grade levels. ("Knowing Fifth Graders," 2011)


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The subject that will be focused on is History. This is taught as a way to introduce students to the topic (without having to worry about intense amounts of studying). Instead, a series of key ideas will familiarize students with the basic standards needed to remain in line with curriculum for the State of Missouri.

TOPIC: Essay on Schools Have Been Facing Tremendous Challenges When Assignment

To introduce the topic, there will be a focus on several different areas that will improve the overall amounts of learning comprehension. These include: verbal, visual, interpersonal, mathematical, musical, naturalist and bodily factors. These different elements will provide specific insights that will show how educators can effectively reach out to students. This is because differentiated education is being utilized during the process. When this happens, teachers have a host of tools to address a wide variety of learning styles. (Armstrong, 2009, pp. 54 -- 72)

Verbal: Verbal is when there is a focus on the different ways an individual is able to learn about and explain a host of ideas (through: having them presented in an oral / lecture format). During this time, there is an emphasis on introducing the idea and then having the student become involved in the discussion. This is designed to improve the total amounts of learning comprehension by using this format as a foundation for presenting key topics. As a result, this activity is a part of the process. (Armstrong, 2009, pp. 54 -- 72)

Visual: Visual is when a series of ideas are presented using different pictures, graphics and videos. The basic idea is for everyone to connect a particular concept with specific images they will see. Once this takes place, is when there is a transformation in how they are able to bond with a student by: placing images with the main ideas. In this history, this will provide a greater appreciation for particular icons and images from studying these areas. When this happens, the student is more enthusiastic about learning various concepts that are presented in class. In this case, the content is based upon the process and the material presented. (Armstrong, 2009, pp. 54 -- 72)

Interpersonal: Interpersonal is when there is an emphasis on having the educator connect with the student on level that is subjective to them. This means applying specific cultural attributes and ideas into their lesson plans. When this happens, students are more enthusiastic about the ideas that have been presented. This is the result of the product and the process (which is increasing the total amounts of collaboration). (Armstrong, 2009, pp. 54 -- 72)

Mathematical: Mathematical ideas will be presented when introducing key dates to the class. This can occur by creating a basic timeline and then having everyone study these concepts in similar fashion to learning mathematical-based principles. This will improve the ability of the individual recognize important dates and understand their significance. When this happens, there is a transformation in way various students are comprehending this information. This is result of specific content that is presented. (Armstrong, 2009, pp. 54 -- 72)

Musical: Music can be used to create a sense of subconscious triggers. During the course of presenting key ideas is when this can lead to improved learning comprehension. As the student will be able to directly connect the concepts with sounds they are hearing. In the future, this will make it easier to apply and retain these ideas. This is the effect of the content and the process working in conjunction with each other. (Armstrong, 2009, pp. 54 -- 72)

Naturalist: The naturalist is where educators are presenting material in format that is comfortable for each student's unique learning style. This means understanding what specific attributes will help the person to comprehend key ideas more effectively. When this happens, there is a transformation in the way teachers and students are able to learn different ideas. In history, this will make it easier to present important concepts and underscore how they led to certain situations. This is a part of the process. (Armstrong, 2009, pp. 54 -- 72)

Bodily Factors: During this step, the educator will need to carefully evaluate how the student is reacting to the material that is presented. The best way that this can be achieved is through using the body language of the person to analyze how motivated they are. Once this takes place, is the point that educators can make adjustments to their strategy and the basic approaches they are using. This is the result of the product. (Armstrong, 2009, pp. 54 -- 72)

These areas are reaching out to students using multiple intelligence strategies. In the case of teaching fifth grade history, this will provide a greater understanding of particular events and the lasting impact they had on society. When this takes place, they will have an appreciation for these ideas. This is the point that they will be able to utilize these concepts in the future.

State Standards

In the State of Missouri, there are different standards that must be embraced as a part of the state's curriculum for Social Studies (i.e. History). These include:

Having an understanding of the principles for the American Constitutional democracy.

Knowing how these changes will impact the state and world.

Comprehending and applying ideas about the functioning the national and state political systems.

Demonstrate a mastery of economic, business and marketing principles (i.e. productivity as well as supply / demand).

Understanding various geographical concepts including: location, place, movements and regions.

Applying the cultural attributes to a host of individuals and groups, in order to improve the quality of instruction.

Successfully using different Social Science tools including: maps, statistics, surveys and documents. ("The Show Me Standards," 2012)

These areas are showing how the approach that is utilized will address these guidelines. This is because the use of differentiated instruction and multiple intelligences will provide numerous ideas for reaching out to a larger demographic of students. When this happens, educators are more effective in presenting these ideas in a format that is interesting for everyone. ("The Show Me Standards," 2012)

In the case of fifth grade history, these techniques can take a subject matter that is very dry and make it exciting. This is the point that students will become more involved in the process (which increases learning comprehension). Once this takes place, is when there will be a transformation in how everyone is able to understand the material by: creating a way to improve their ability to recall these ideas in the future. ("The Show Me Standards," 2012)

Big Ideas / Tagline

As a result, there a number of ideas and tags lines that could be used to remain in compliance with state standards. To achieve this objective there are several concepts that should be taken into consideration to include:

The background of students in comparison with Social Studies and History.

Using various tools such as: computers, TV programs and documentaries to increase learning comprehension.

Ensuring that all curriculum is following state standards and improving upon these guidelines.

Utilizing repetition to improve the ability of the student to remember key concepts. The way that this will be achieved is through: taking verbal, visual, interpersonal, mathematical, musical, naturalist and bodily elements into account. (Hoerr, 2000, pp. 1- 8)

These ideas are showing how curriculum can be developed that is building upon the state guidelines. When this happens, students will be more effective in understanding different ideas and the way they can be used in everyday life. Once this takes place, is the point that they will be more motivated to go the extra mile. (Hoerr, 2000, pp. 1- 8)

Essential Questions

To help effectively focus educators, there are specific questions that should be continually asked… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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