Book Report: Schools Today Are Under Pressure

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[. . .] The environment appears relatively safe, in terms of fenced enclosures for dangerous animals. Large grassy areas make a good area for play, but could lead to falls and minor injuries. There do not appear to be any major risks.

Two colleagues will accompany me to supervise students during play and running. Students will be encouraged to play only when time is specifically allocated for this.

Children with conditions such as asthma or anxiety will receive close supervision during the excursion.

1.2 Transport Arrangements

A bus has been contracted to transport the children and supervisors.

The bus company has provided me with license and registration information of the driver to be contracted for the day.

Documentation has also been provided of recent roadworthiness services to the vehicle to optimise safety.

1.3 Students' Capacity

A group of 24-six-year-old students will take part in the activity.

There are two students who suffer from asthma, and one with some anxiety concerns.

Students will be walking among various enclosures to look at the variety of animals. Frequent rests are scheduled, with time included for play. Snacks are to be provided by a snack stand on the premises.

Students do not need high level skills to participate; all students at all levels can enjoy the activity.

Students who cannot keep pace with the faster group will be accommodated by another supervisor, who will conduct the excursion at a slower pace, with more frequent rests.

1.4 Supervisor/Supervisory Team

Supervisors require a large amount of patience and management skills. Preferably, they should be highly experienced in working with young children.

Three teachers will be supervising the students, creating a ratio of 8 students per teacher. These teachers all work with first grade students and are therefore highly skilled to conduct the activity effectively. The teachers are:

Emily Hutchins, Hailey Bester, and Nicole Allinson.

Since all three persons are well-known colleagues, with years of teaching experience, no conditions preclude their working with children.

1.5 External Providers

No external providers will work directly with the children.

Direct contact is strictly limited to the three supervising teachers.

The bus driver and zoo personnel will only interact directly with the three supervising teachers.


The supervisor to student ratio is 1 to 8.

At the start of the excursion, students will move in one group, with teachers spaced evenly among them.

As the excursion progresses, any student who falls behind or grows tired will be supervised by one of the teachers, with two teachers supervising the remaining group.

Supervisors will remain in cell phone contact with each other at all times.


To make identification easier during the excursion, supervisors and children will each wear a red scarf.


Parents will be provided with the rationale for the visit, the distance of the zoo from the school premises, the estimated time of departure and return, and the cell phone number of each supervisor.


Communication with the group will be conducted by the three teachers. Teacher will be in cell phone contact when any group loses sight of the others.

Emergency communication includes notifying the zoo personnel of the emergency, contacting relevant emergency personnel, and contacting the parents of injured or otherwise affected children.


In case of an emergency, the group supervisor is to immediately contact the other teachers with details of the emergency and actions that need to be taken, if any of the groups have lost sight of the others. Emergency contact numbers are to be provided to each supervisor.

Extra asthma and anxiety medication will be available for the three students with these identified health needs.

All supervisors will have the contact numbers of the other two. A list of students, along with contact numbers for their parents, will be provided to each supervisor. The names of students with health conditions are highlighted on the list, along with information about the condition and what to do should the condition become severe.


Roles, responsibilities, and behavior rules will be communicated by the leading supervisor, Emily Hutchins, before boarding the bus and repeated upon arrival at the zoo.


Details of the excursion will be retained within the schools online database… [END OF PREVIEW]

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