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Nothing will be more important to human well-being and survival than the wisdom to appreciate that however great our knowledge, our ignorance is also vast. In this ignorance we have taken huge risks and inadvertently gambled with survival. Now that we know better, we must have the courage to be cautious for the stakes are very high (Colborn, Dumanoski & Myers, 1996, pg. 48)

Science, or the process of acquiring knowledge on a particular occurrence, is amazing! Since the beginning of human history, just thousands of years ago, much has been learned about life, the earth and the outer world of space. The 20th century was filled with new discoveries and inventions, as technology sped up the time of finding scientific answers. The 21st century appears to continue this trend, at even a faster pace. It has provided many people across the world with comforts of life and fulfilled dreams that some thought impossible. Yet, science cannot yet solve all the problems of the world. Perhaps one day this will be case, but not yet. There are still some unknowns that exist, especially the future ramifications of scientific innovations today.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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How different it is living in 2007, nearly 2008, compared to even a century ago. Through the work of scientists, human comfort and happiness has increased greatly. In the Western countries, domestic, work and social activities offer nearly all the "creature comforts." Homes are complete with latest electric appliances. At this time of the season when going into the stores, one can find electrical, and now electronic, instruments that can do almost anything in the kitchen. Refrigerators keep food from spoiling, which was a major problem during most of human history. Stoves and microwaves easily and quickly cook, so raw foods can be eaten and others not spoil as quickly. Dishwashers save water as well as thoroughly clean debris from food matter. Hundreds of smaller items can be purchased, such as mixers, blenders, bread and pasta makers, coffee brewers and juice makers, as well as all the specialized gadgets like hot dog bun warmers, ice cream makers, sandwich makers and even cotton candy makers for people with a sweet tooth. In the other rooms of the house are the wonders of larger appliances like clothes washers and driers, and smaller ones like hair driers, shavers, and foot warmers.

One cannot forget these days all the extra treats of the 20th century, such as radios, televisions, and of course computers, that have all radically changed lifestyles. Naturally, the most miraculous of all is the electricity that runs all of these instruments that give people pleasure and literally and figuratively light them up. At work and play, many of these same luxuries, and more, give humans super abilities, such as transportation via cars, trains and planes, which allow people to actually fly, and movies and power boats for enjoyment.

Science has also fought and won many diseases. Once dangerous operations are now performed in a painless manner in offsite surgi-centers. Many severe and chronic diseases are cured quickly with the help of various medicines. They even speak now of a vaccine for breast cancer, which in experimental stages is considered a therapeutic part of a woman's treatment for this devastating disease (Hughes, 2007). A 12-year-old Indian boy called Akrit Jaswal, who has an incredible brain, performs surgery and is looking for a cure for all cancers. He says, "My cure aims at the modification of malformed genes that cause cancer and their successful repair either by the activation of enzymes or direct modification of genotoxic drugs" (Landsman, 2005).

Science has also protected humans from many natural events and rearranges nature by cutting through mountains and constructing roads and airports for ease of travel. It even transports some people into outerspace. With its help of air conditioning and furnaces, people can change the heat of summer into the coolness of fall and the bitterness of winter into summer. Science provides support from the time of waking up with the alarm clock to falling asleep with the electric blanket.

Yet, as this list continues, one can see the things that science cannot do as of yet. It has not eradicated all illness in the world, with millions of people dying of AIDS in Africa. It has not been able to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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