Science and Religion Seek Term Paper

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There is the fear that religious leaders are not able to answer questions unlike scientists who through research, they are able to get answers. This leaves reasoning through religion questioned. The religion bases its faith from the past leaders teaching them who God is and what he likes. Science on the other hand is learnt from philosophers who spend most of their time researching on different fields in order to get their answers.


Religion and science are two different lines of studies contributing to a lifestyle. However, they have similarities that have contributed in doubting of the religious beliefs. Science being the study of the world around us has worked hard to proof the non-existence of the supernatural being. Unfortunately, they have only succeeded in everything else, but not creating a soul. Religion on the other hand is the study of the existence supernatural being. It has its issues too because of the many unanswered questions that the human race needs to be answered. Religion is unquestionable because God is mysterious, and no human has the answers. Through belief, Christians have agreed and disagreed with the bible causing churches to split. In conclusion, science has not yet succeeded in discovering creation. On the other hand, religion has been successful in making the followers trust in whatever they are taught.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Science and Religion Seek the Assignment

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