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[. . .] This particular type of ANOVA shows differences that are a result of "effect" and not differences between mean scores. Again, a wrong choice was made.

Assuming the "t" test were the appropriate tool the authors failed again in not pre-selecting their level of statistical acceptance. Whether or not this was a clever move on the part of the authors or not is not know. What is being implied here is that when there is no stated testable null hypothesis there is no reason to pre-set an alpha or probability level for accepting or rejecting the null hypothesis. In cases like this researchers are free to explain any result they choose to and not bound by controls pre-set in the beginning of the study. This, as most research pundits would express is sloppy research.

Results and Implications Because of all the errors in research design, measurement instrument selection, and statistical tool selection interpreting the results of this study cannot take place. The errors are so great that offering an interpretation of the results would only add error to error. At not time can there be faith placed in research findings that are fraught with error. To warrant the results of this study as being useful to the advancement and understanding or learning disabled student simply cannot take place. The bar of excellence must be raised significantly for this study to garner support, as the external error for this study is magnanimous. What is suggested is as follows:

Restate the research question in proper investigative form.

Specifically state all testable null hypotheses.

Pre-set a probability level for the acceptance or rejection of any and all null hypotheses

Select statistical tools that can effectively analysis data gathered in support of the specific research question.

Fully expound upon the measurement tools used to collect the test data to be analyzed.

Specifically state the limitations and delimitations of the study

Support the need for such a study through a review of literature

Explicitly define the terms used in the study including both independent and dependent variables.

Explain all testing procedures in detail.

List all possible intervening variables and internal and external error.

Make use of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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