Scientific Knowledge There Lies Question Research Paper

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Biology is an area that has proved science knowledge because the bigger portion of our knowledge bases on investigations and observations of the environment around us. A good example is the knowledge that living things have organs. This proves through dissecting different organisms and identifying the different organs.

This brings about the issue of generalization through reasoning. This is true because it shows at any moment in time. The biologists are able to do experiments and confirm why the leaves on an oak tree grow bigger next to the stem. They will use a random field study to confirm their allegations. However, despite the different methods of experimenting, they cannot confirm the best. Again, weakness reflects when the scientist cannot collect enough evidence. Personal bias is another drawback in the result that affects the result. The timing of the experiment will also determine the results because in spring, the results might be different from summer's results.

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In history, a lot teaches on ancient wars, and almost all the people who experienced have died. However, official documents like the television, reading materials, and biographies among others hold the records of these events. Because no record is help to show the contrary, it is hard to refute that these events took place. The historian is hence disadvantaged because he cannot go back to time for another research. This means they can only work on the material they have. Language is another hindrance for the historians because the readers interpret the documentaries differently. The issue of political and cultural views may also affect the historian's results. The documents can also be edited or falsified making history less supreme. As much as science knowledge maybe supreme, it is important to note that there are some fields of science where results maybe differ in reliability and objectivity.

Research Paper on Scientific Knowledge There Lies Question Assignment

Scientists have come up with the difference between explanation and description. That is why they are able to describe the elements of the ordinary world, but they cannot explain them. It is wrong for philosophers or anybody else to change the meaning of words compared to their general meaning. The philosophers should take time to understand what the scientist meant before refuting their claims. Big bang Theory also explains the production of light in the first few minutes of the growing universe. They applied all the equations that would govern different rates at which nuclear reaction would take place (Gleisier 7). It concludes that within the first few minutes, quarter of the universe mass was left in appearance of helium with the rest being hydrogen and other mixtures. However, the calculations faced some irregularities.


Science can never conclude everything because of the limitations of the conditions under which the theories builds. There will always be questions of origin. Most of the things people want to learn are accidents of life. Furthermore, science has not explained the moral principles of life. People learn on the evolving would to justify some human behavior. Scientific knowledge cannot be conclusive because of the many limitations they face. Personal judgment is one of the hindrances that alter the results. The issues of recorded material include editing and falsification, which may totally alter the results of a given research. Many western philosophers have worked hard to conclude physics, and it is fruitless. Knowledge is a questionable field because there is no concrete method of measuring it. Scientific knowledge is not the supreme knowledge since no conclusions show clearly the origin of most things. Furthermore, it is important to leave the unanswered questions in order to make the human race eager to research more, hence discover more.

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