Scientific Method and Climate Change Term Paper

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Global warming has effects on polar ice melt, weather patterns, agriculture, and sea levels.

Question / Hypothesis

In combination with the Earth's natural geologic functions, does globalization change the earth's environment, causing global warming?

We could further refine this by date range, specific type of environmental change, and/or the notion of overall climate patterns.

Design Experiment

Due to expertise and monetary resources, our experiment would be more of a comprehensive literature review of scientific studies.

Focus would be on peer-reviewed journals and books with scholarly bias.

Data Collection Stage

Using appropriate databases, find representative samples of current research on climate change.

Try to find arguments from both sides; also consider history of pollution, climate studies, etc.

Tabulate Data

Use appropriate data tables and measurements to identify and categorize studies.

Ensure that comparisons are like -- e.g. temperature changes over time measured in similar ways in similar locations. Verify data.


Analyze conclusions from a scholarly viewpoint.

Do we have enough data at present?

Accept or Reject Hypothesis

Based on conclusions, accept or reject hypothesis or look for more data.

If data remains inconclusive, continue search for more data.

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Further Research

See above, but likely there will be ancillary questions because of vast number of variables (e.g. volcanism, distribution of carbon emissions, weather patterns, etc.)

Question may be unsolvable at this point due to a lack of sufficient longitudinal information.


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Term Paper on Scientific Method and Climate Change Assignment

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