Scientific Method Refers Lab Report

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¶ … scientific method refers to a way of investigation or the acquisition of knowledge through the testing of a theory or hypothesis, then working through measurements (observation and empirical notes) to come up with a result, which should prove or disprove the original theory. Thus, the basic method consists of a) formulating a question or hypothesis, b) designing an experiment or means of collecting data, c) observation or experimentation, d) analyzing the results and considering the proof or disproof of the hypotheses, and e) suggestions for future research (Cary, 2003). The purpose of this lab was to observe reactions of various presumptive blood testing kits on suspected stains in order to assess if the stains have a positive, negative, or a false-positive reaction.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Lab Report on Scientific Method Refers to a Way of Assignment

Methodology -- Using Phenolpthalein (KM) presumptive kit and known bloodstain cards for comparison, swabbed samples were compared with certain stains. Color changes were observed. The areas next to the stain were also swabbed and the resulted compared to known agents using Leucocrystal Violent (LCV). Once positive control test is completed, steps are repeated to conduct the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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