Scientific Models and Religious Myths Term Paper

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For the evolution theory it is almost 3.5 billion years while for the cosmology theory is almost 15 billion years ago, in the other religious theory, the time is not given although it is believed to be a long time ago. They all appear to give the notion that there is no exact time line on when the earth was exactly created. Secondly the theories are such that out of all of them, there is the presence of life at one stage in the postulates.

The similarities between the theories are very much ideological similarities where all things appear to be much of the same caliber especially when it comes to the earth. All life is taken to have been from a certain source which in the theories of evolution was in existence while in the bible it was created. The origin of human beings cannot be eliminated from this comparison since it should be the main topic as people create different myths and ideologies about the origin of man. In the similarities it is believed that man was not in the picture of either creation or evolution until at a later stage in the theories.

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The myths and postulates differences however are some of the things to be reckoned with as although most of the ideologies on the origin of all the different life forms of the earth differ in a very big way. Their biggest difference lies basically in every aspect of the universe, whereby the sun was created in the religious myth while it is presumed to having been present before. All living things and plants including marine life and plants are said to have been created in the Book of Genesis while in the evolution theory they evolved. Finally it all comes down to the ages of both the universe the earth and the earliest life forms where there is a very big difference in terms of the years which differ by many billion years in both cases.

Human beings were created by god while in the other theories and models the human being evolved from the apes and chimpanzees.

Term Paper on Scientific Models and Religious Myths Assignment

All the three postulates whether scientific models or religious myths serve a specific function and purpose. They try to decipher the little clues about life's origin and the universe we live in. therefore they function as answers to the question of origin of life. Whether the human being is authentic or not as Eliade (1965) would investigate, it is not up to us as we are just mere creatures as he tries to show that human beings can regain their authenticity as they try to study religion. Finally, McGrath (2010) approaches the issue in a way that it seems that he draws his conclusions from the verified methodologies and assumption in his quest to the Christian ideologies.


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