Scientific Report of Tufted Capuchin Essay

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The habitat receives both sun and shade and the group does have access to an indoor facility. The entire site is visible from multiple viewing locations and the animals are desensitized to observers through near-continuous observation by zoo attendees.

The tufted capuchin typically lives in a social group between two and twenty animals. The groups contain one dominant male and can have multiple subordinate males and a group of females (Groves 2005). The capuchin diet is omnivorous and feeding is often dictated by a social hierarchy presented by the dominant male and the closeness of a select group of preferred females (di Bitetti 2001).

The group was observed for 2 hours and 15 minutes in a single observation period. Animals were counted and the following classifications were made:

Total Number

Alpha Male(s)


Subordinate Male(s)

Juvenile Males

Juvenile Females

The following parameters were established for behavior observations and the relative times for the individuals:







Not visible to the observer

The data was collected by visual observation and recorded. Averages were determined and differences between the male and female animals are presented.


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A total of 15 animals were observed for 2 hours, 15 minutes. The group consisted of the following set of animals broken down by sex and superiority within the group:

3 adult males. 9 adult females. 1 subordinate male. 2 juvenile males

The adult males were the largest of the animals and the subordinate male was similar in size. The two juvenile males were similar in size to the females. The table below shows the percentage of time spent in each activity by the males and females.


Male (%)

Female (%)

Essay on Scientific Report of Tufted Capuchin Assignment



















Out of Sight



The plots below show the differences in percentage of time overall for the two groups male vs. female in the population studied:

The largest differences between the two sexes in this population of animals are in the time spent resting and the time spent feeding. The males have a proportionately larger amount of time spent feeding and smaller amount of time spent resting than the females.


The objective of this study was to determine if there are any differences between male and female tufted capuchins in an artificial habitat. The group of capuchin monkeys chosen was observed for 2 hours and 15 minutes and the population had 9 females and 6 males. The sample size was not large enough for a powering study, however there are differences in this population for this duration of observation during the day to show that the males spent more time feeding and less time resting than the females.

Because the energy needs of a larger animal are higher, it makes sense that more time would be spent foraging and feeding for males since those animals are proportionately larger. An important improvement to this study would be to determine the differences at multiple times during the day and at night and to obtain the total activity budget for a full 24-hour period to determine if there are true differences in sleep patterns for the two different sexes in this population.


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