Scleroderma, a Chronic, Systemic Disease That Effects Term Paper

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¶ … scleroderma, a chronic, systemic disease that effects the lungs, skin, heart, gastrointestinal tract, kidney and musculoskeletal system. The article is a case report on a specific case dealing with achalasia due to scleroderma and multiple left lung hydatid cysts which the practicioners performed a thoracic epidural blockade in combination with general anesthesia with air-oxygen and sevoflurane without neuromuscular blockade and without intravenous opioids.

The surgical procedure involved using an epidural catheter prior to inducting anesthesia. After the surgery, the anesthesia was discontinued and twenty minutes later that patient began spontaneous breathing, responding to painful stimuli and to buck on the tube.

In general, it is found that scleroderma is a connective tissue disease and an autoimmune disorder which causes vascular damage, especially in capillaries and small arterias. Further, achalasia and scleroderma account for the vast majority of surgical procedures performed for motility disorders.

It is essential that the anesthesiologist understand the pathophysiological processes of the diseases in order to minimize potential risks involved during the administration of anesthesia. These risks include aspiration and other pulmonary complications. Other risks, although more remote, include a potential for reduced renal function and intraoperative hypothermia-induced vasospasm.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Scleroderma, a Chronic, Systemic Disease That Effects Assignment

According to the study, regardless of the actual surgical procedure, "the major anesthetic consideration for patients with esophageal disease is the risk of pulmonary aspiration." The study states that to reduce these risks, certain steps must be taken both before and during the administration of the anesthesia. For example, consideration should be given to administering metoclopramide, H2 blocker or a parietal cell proton-pump inhibitor prior to the operation. More so, the patient should always be transported to the operation room in a semi-upright position and with the assistance of supplemental oxygen. Finally, the case study found that "anxiety was prevented providing sedation with midazolam before anesthesia induction."

This study also… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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